Who is the real Rob Bell?

Richmond, Virginia – a history lover’s dream. Did you know the city introduced America to the first canned beer, the Marlboro Man and Pat Benatar? n “Pat Benatar? No way! I’m a huge Pat Benatar fan,” gushes history buff Rob Bell, surprised to learn that the songstress behind “Love is a Battlefield” began her music […]

Black Listed

Q: Ace, it seems like every structure at UVA bears the name of some wealthy, white member of The Establishment—probably the plantation owner whose slaves laid the bricks. Is the whole campus whitewashed or are there any buildings named after African Americans?—Ro Tunda A:Good question, Ro. After all, what fresh-faced undergrad hasn’t spent many ponderous […]


It all started back in January 1999 with an order to Domino’s Pizza. Sharon Jones paid for the pizza with a check, and likely brought it into her modest townhouse in Fredericksburg to share with her 8-year-old daughter, Breanna. But Jones never actually paid for the pizza—at least not that Sharon Jones. Because the checking […]