Finder’s keepers

Look closer. All around you, in the thick of the city and the wide-open expanse of the county, you’re missing something wonderful. It’s right in front of your eyes. You just have to stop and see, really see, what you can find. That’s the idea behind “You Are Where?” Sure, it’s a popular visual trivia […]

Beating the heat

Dear Ace: I’ve got central air in my house as well as a car that dips down to Kelvin if need be, and I’m hardly surviving this summer. Tell me, how are the homeless dealing with the heat wave?—Sympathetic Sweater Sweater: Heat wave?!? What heat wave? Then again, when you’re as ice cold as Ace, […]

In the dog house

Dear Ace: It’s been a year since the Charlottesville-Albemarle SPCA moved into the new building. How are things going over there? Is the new facility paid for?—Puppy Love Pup: To respond to your question about the building’s financial status, Ace can offer you two answers. The first answer is: Yes, the $6 million building has […]