Presents of mind

Come December, postmodern girls like Cool Honey realize that, frankly, they have better things to worry about than tribal alliances, which require commitment (at most) or a choice (at least) to celebrate either Jesus, the miracle of the oil lamp or Rama’s arrival. As if she wasn’t already overextended by the prospects of dry winter […]

Wheeling and dealing

Hey Ace,Where do these people get off charging me taxes for my car? What’s the big idea?—Axl Rhodes Dear Axl: So, here in America, we pay taxes. It’s part of this little deal we have with the government where we give them some money and they give us free enterprise, private property rights and other […]

Fowl Play

’Tis the season to eat turkey. In honor of the holiday, and in deference to giving turkeys everywhere a voice of their own, C-VILLE’s resident turkey interpreter Nell Boeschenstein sat down with Tom “the Angry” Turkey for some heavy-hitting reporting, and to pluck Tom’s birdbrain for some sweet morsels of tender turkey wisdom. Needless to […]