Mommies’ little helper

Q: Why don’t women need watches? A: There’s a clock on the stove. The old joke is a sure-fire way for a guy to earn a jab in the arm from his girlfriend. In the public realm, however, questions of gender are no laughing matter. With his 2004 book Taking Sex Differences Seriously, UVA politics professor […]

Green day

Dear Ace, St. Patrick’s Day is Friday and I’m on the hunt for some green beer. Where’s it at?—Seamus O’Drinkerson Hate to be the lead in your pot o’ gold, Seamus, but St. Patrick’s Day wasn’t always the celebration of drunkenness it is today. In Ireland it’s a day of reverence for patron Saint Patrick, […]

Something to talk about

Dear Ace: What’s all this I hear about a new call-in radio show for local newshounds?—Runov Atdamouf Runov: Finally, Charlottesville has something it lacked for as long as Ace can remember: a community sounding board for all of our fair city’s most frustrated, angry and outspoken laymen. What’s that? Oh, it’s just Ace’s editor reminding […]