Light pours in from everywhere, suffusing the blue-gray walls and variegated gray countertops in a Charlottesville kitchen with luminous calm. Photo: Brianna Larocco

Going with the flow: A seamless transition between spaces makes a Charlottesville kitchen both open and functional

Cars rush along a busy street near downtown Charlottesville, bowing day lilies that cluster beside the driveway of Chad and Rebecca Morgan’s early 20th-century home. But when you stand in the heart of the kitchen—a straight shot from the sidewalk through the front door and down the hallway—you could be a million miles from anywhere. […]

Planting water-loving, native plants—something the University of Virginia has done at The Dell—is a good way to capture and control stormwater or deal with low, poorly drained areas. Photo: Jack Looney

Flush in a time of drought: Even when water is plentiful, it’s important to control and protect it

Central Virginia is paradise compared to the parched, burning lands of California, Texas, Nevada, and Oklahoma. Here on the verdant side of the great river, our groundwater is replenished and streams run high, but everybody has to worry about water in the 21st century. The click-click-click of irrigation heads keeping time for twilit suburban idylls […]