Maurice Covington. Photo: John Robinson

A play- book for profits: Maurice Covington helps pro athletes spend and save for success after sports

Two days into training camp with the Chicago Bears, Maurice Covington’s hamstring tore—and took his future plans with it. “Being focused about football and wanting to make it to the NFL and then having that taken from me,” says the former UVA wide receiver, “that transition was terrible.” A decade later, Covington has turned that […]

Antwon Brinson never thought he'd be a chef, but “I had a teacher that believed in me,” he says. “He’d seen something in me that I didn’t see in myself.” Now, he wants to do the same for others through his culinary training program. Photo: Robinson Imagery

A new recipe for success: Chef Antwon Brinson’s Culinary Boot Camp helps local residents build life-changing kitchen careers

A teacher changed the course of chef Antwon Brinson’s life. Now, as he trains Charlottesville residents for kitchen careers, he’s trying to do the same for his own students. Brinson says he never thought he’d become a chef. He enjoyed cooking growing up, but didn’t consider it a career until high school. “I had a […]

Photo: Skyclad Aerial

Block party: Charlottesville’s downtown, long a subject of controversy, is settling into its own

Charlottesville’s downtown has been a source of debate and controversy for nearly a century. Could the debate finally be coming to a close? For the first time in a long while, some agreement has emerged about how to balance downtown development—residential versus commercial, shared versus dedicated space and parking in particular. “The downtown area is […]