Craving a job that felt more rewarding, Eric Walter sold the tech business he'd built over 15 years and launched Black Bear Composting. Photo: John Robinson

Rich soil? The rise, fall, and rebirth of Black Bear Composting

After selling the tech business he’d built over 15 years, Eric Walter wanted to do something more rewarding. “More fulfilling spiritually,” he says. “Out from behind a desk and outside.” His Chicago tech business, Gorilla, had Patagonia as a client. “Sustainability infused everything they do,” says Walter. “That changed something for me.” After considering a […]

Crissanne and Elizabeth Raymond started selling NoBull Burgers at Charlottesville's City Market, but now the company's reach expands as far west as Colorado, with California in the owners' sights. Photo: Martyn Kyle

A noble calling: Veggie burgers that taste good

Crissanne Raymond developed an original veggie burger recipe more than 30 years ago in her hometown of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Riffing off of her mother’s lentil soup recipe, she built a burger from a lentil and barley base, flavored it with roasted vegetables and tamari, and used it to feed her growing […]