Box’d Kitchen owner Curtis Woo says combining food styles, such as putting kimchi on pizza, comes naturally. Photo by Eze Amos

Box’d Kitchen focuses on modern Mediterranean

By Sam Padgett and Erin O’Hare Box’d Kitchen, a restaurant that recently opened at 909 W. Main St. in the same block as Benny Deluca’s and Asian Express, eludes a concise description: Its Yelp page claims it serves Mediterranean food, but the decor looks Asian. And its name is reminiscent of a pizza joint, […]

Bone broth is simple to make. Animal bones, along with some vinegar and a combination of vegetables, herbs and seasonings (think onions, celery, thyme, pepper) are added to a boiling pot of water and left to simmer for...a while.

Taking stock: A familiar kitchen staple gets a rebrand

By Sam Padgett If you’ve been paying attention to local restaurant menus, coffee cart offerings and foodie magazines, odds are good that you’ve heard of bone broth. And while it sounds a bit ghoulish, bone broth is essentially what most people call “stock”: a thick, flavored broth made by boiling animal bones alongside other spices. […]

Orangetheory studio manager Kelsie Floyd works with gym members to get them “in the zone”— 84 to 91 percent of their maximum heart rate—for at least 12 minutes during every workout. Photo by Eze Amos

Boutique gyms offer individual attention

For a town its size, Charlottesville is bursting with fitness club choices. “We really have a big city-level of unique offerings here,” says Claire Mitchell, co-founder and owner of treadHAPPY, a treadmill-based fitness studio located off West Main Street. In contrast to “big-box” clubs like ACAC or the YMCA, boutique, or niche gyms, like treadHAPPY […]