The Inn at Court Square.

You don\’t have to be a guest at the Inn at Court Square to dine like a queen at lunch. The friendly patio wait staff was prompt with linens and fine silverware. We ordered sweet iced tea, a glass of Perrier and a chipotle chicken salad with fresh baby arugula, red lettuce, pulled roasted chicken and zesty dressing. The bread plate came with honey orange-zested butter, and felt almost like a dessert—as refreshing as the breeze that kicked up under the ancient oak tree.

Restaurant Gossip

First things first: Bodo’s founder Brian Fox has sold the venerable 20-year-old bagel business to his three general managers, Connie Jenson, John Kokola and Scott Smith. Fox lays out the whole story himself on page 42—but definitely stay tuned to this space in coming weeks for more behind-the-bagel coverage.