The Spirit moves her

This letter is in response to the Curtain Calls write-up about my involvement with this year’s Spirit Walk [“Watch and learn,” September 25, 2007]. The reference to community theater and Waiting for Guffman was a joke that, in print, could be misconstrued without context to be hurtful and alienating to theater groups in our area. […]

Media bliss

I just want to say a personal thank you for a very well-written, beautiful article [“Group works to diversify teaching pool,” Government News, September 18, 2007]. We strongly believe that our program will benefit the youth in our area. Diversity works positively for everyone.Thanks so much, again. Enid KriegerBoard SecretaryAfrican-American Teaching Fellows of Charlottesville-Albemarle

Red scare

Thank you for the article on the project proposed for the current RSC site at West Main and Ridge/McIntire [“City ‘asks’ for more affordable housing,” Development News, September 4, 2007]. You were very diplomatic in your article when you addressed the city’s “request“ that the developer contribute more. Perhaps that is the mark of a […]