Photo: Skyclad Aerial

This week, 10/9

“New York is older / And changing its skin again / It dies every ten years / And then it begins again.” I love that line (from a song by The National) because it rings so true; New York is notorious for recreating itself, and to live there or ever have lived there is to […]

”Rumors of War” is currently on display in Times Square. In December, it will move to its permanent location on Arthur Ashe Boulevard 
in front of the VMFA. (Photo: Kylie Corwin)

This week, 10/2

A few weeks ago, while driving past West Main and McIntire Road, my 5-year-old daughter peered out the car window and asked who those people were on the statue. “That’s Lewis and Clark and Sacagawea,” I replied. No, she insisted. “There’s only two.” Lamely, I offered the party line: “Well, you can’t see Sacagawea very […]

This Week, 9/25

Thirty years ago this month, Bill Chapman and Hawes Spencer, fresh out of Hampden-Sydney College, rolled out the first issue of what would become C-VILLE Weekly. It was 1989, and Charlottesville was a smaller, quieter place, where Miller’s was a beacon on a Downtown Mall otherwise deserted after dark, and West Main a no-man’s land […]