Belle & Sebastian play the Pavilion on Thursday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Belle & Sebastian

Belles and whistles: More than 20 years on from the group’s formation in Glasgow, Scotland, Belle & Sebastian continue to make records cherished by its fanbase. B&S’ sound has ranged from intimate acoustic rock to synthed dance music over the course of its 10 studio albums. On the newest release, How to Solve Our Human […]

Silence Sam will be shown at the Maupintown Film Festival. Courtesy of the MFF.

ARTS Picks: Maupintown Film Festival

Historic lens: Featuring over 20 films,​ discussions, and presentations over three days, the Maupintown Film Festival showcases the black experience in America. Topics range from the legacy of historic African Americans such as Arthur Ashe and Booker T. Washington, to lesser known events, like the 1921 Tulsa race riots. This year’s theme is “Back in […]

Sharin Apostolou as Guenevere in a previous version of Camelot. She will reprise the role for Charlottesville Opera's production. Image: Jamie Kraus

ARTS Pick: Camelot

Royal drama: The Charlottesville Opera’s Camelot is complete with suits of armor and ornate sets that pull you into the fantasy of King Arthur’s court. In this all-new rendition of the award-winning play, the principled and supremely honorable King Arthur must react to chaotic reality when Guenevere falls for Lancelot, a knight of the Round […]