Openly exploring themes barred from traditional classrooms, like spirituality and sexuality, taught José Olivarez more about life’s possibilities than all assemblies combined. Publicity photo

Articulating ‘Mexican Heaven’: Poet José Olivarez illuminates both bruises and bliss in Citizen Illegal

Most people avert their eyes when the world gets messy: they scrunch uncooperative hair into the safety of ballcaps, kick dust bunnies conveniently under couches, and dunk ugly memories into their mental trashbins. It’s unusual to meet someone who sits down with disorder, shakes its hand, and engages it in honest conversation. José Olivarez is […]

Midsummer 90 takes a shortcut to the heart of the Bard at American Shakespeare Center. Image: Lauren Rogers Parker

ARTS Pick: Midsummer 90

Bite-sized Shakespeare: An abridged version of the iconic Shakespeare comedy, Midsummer 90 drops the Night’s Dream and retains all the humor and wonder of the original script without sacrificing its spellbinding storytelling. By packing the fairies, magic, and fantastical animals into a performance that clocks in under two hours, the play is perfect for children […]

Interpol explores a new direction at The Jefferson on Wednesday. Publicity image.

ARTS Pick: Interpol

Rounding the corners: In the run-up to recording Interpol’s latest release, Marauder, drummer Sam Fogarino repeatedly asked himself: “How can I make shit swing?” The post-punk veterans were six albums and more than 15 years into their careers, yet had never strayed from the rock influences of their home turf in New York City. Consulting […]