Kelly Lonergan paints with personality and an insight to human relationships in “And Then There Were Two,” opening Friday at McGuffey Art Center. Photo by Martyn Kyle.

First Fridays: January 4

By Sabrina Moreno If you ask Kelly Lonergan, he’s not a figure painter. The figures he paints on 48 by 60 inch canvas—a scale that excites him—are slightly awkward, clunky. But to him, that’s the best part. It gives them a sense of personality for viewers to cling and relate to. In his show “And […]

Jenée Libby hosts the food podcast Edacious, which features face-to-face interviews with people in the local food scene.
Photo: Amy Jackson Smith

Can you hear me now? Local podcasters come in loud and clear

Back in 2005, Apple CEO Steve Jobs declared that podcasting was “the next generation of radio.” When the company began supporting podcasts on iTunes that same year (so users could easily download the audio shows onto an iPod, where the name originated), the medium gained steam, and lately podcast consumption has exploded. Last year Apple […]