Shorter Film Reviews

The Break-Up (PG-13, 106 minutes) Peyton Reed’s “anti-romantic comedy” about a mismatched couple (Vince Vaughn and Jennifer Aniston) is often funny, sometimes uncomfortably so. Vaughn plays a guy’s guy, the kind who’d like to put a pool table in the living room, and Aniston is a version of her sweet, spunky character from “Friends.” (Kent […]

Highlights from this weeks events

Try This Now is a rotating listing of classes, workshops and ongoing events to help you broaden your horizons-ake a hike, learn how to blow glass, or sign up your kid to act in a play. The schedule of topics goes as follows: First Tues-day of the month: Wellness; Second Tuesday: Kids; Third Tuesday: Arts and Fine Arts; Fourth Tuesday: Outdoors; Fifth Tuesday: Grab Bag. To get your event or organization listed, contact Susan Rosen at