Booze cruise: A traveling cocktail bar ups the ante

Photo: Courtesy Bitty Bar Photo: Courtesy Bitty Bar

At first glance, a horse trailer doesn’t seem like the kind of place your guests would want to be drinking. Then again, The Bitty Bar isn’t your average horse trailer. In fact, it’s not really a horse trailer at all. Thanks to sisters Katie and Erica Painter, who created the business, where once stood two trusty steeds, there’s now butcher block counters, tile backsplash and wood floors. In other words, a perfectly stylish mobile bar that adds a charming detail to your reception.

Here’s how it works: You supply the booze, and they’ll bring the bar, fully stocked with a bartender, syrups, fresh-squeezed juices and locally grown garnishes. The owners will even help you dream up a specialty cocktail. We call that a win-whinny.