Photo: Elli Williams

Ryan DeRose: A beautiful mind

You can usually find Ryan DeRose, founder of the digital creative agency Vibethink, standing in front of one of the giant white boards in the company’s Downtown Mall office space, mapping ideas with a dry erase marker. The 27-year-old Western Albemarle High School graduate normally works 80-plus hours a week, all seven days. To say […]

Photo Justin Ide

Song Song: Health first

For starters, Song Song’s Zhou and Bing’s pork and leek bing—a pancake, ever-so-delicately crisped and stuffed with an exquisitely-seasoned pork patty—is heavenly and, quite possibly, the best cheap lunch in Charlottesville. But that’s not really the point here. The point is that a woman with a business degree started a restaurant because she wants people […]

Photo: Billy Hunt

Amy Sarah Marshall: Loud and proud

It’s not difficult to picture a 13-year-old Amy Sarah Marshall standing up at eighth grade graduation, telling her classmates to forego their catty middle school tendencies and learn to love and accept one another. As the president of Cville Pride, and organizer of the city’s first pride festival last summer, Marshall is no stranger to […]