Best yoga teacher 2013: Kelly Cox

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Kelly Cox

Jennifer Elliott

Kelly Cox first found yoga in graduate school as a way to deal with a demanding schedule. In 2010, she combined her love of the practice with her experience as a social worker, and cofounded Bend yoga studio on the Downtown Mall. At Ashtanga, which opened in 2005, Jennifer Elliott relays 20 years of yoga teaching and 30 years of yoga practice to eager students.


What’s Kelly passionate about in Charlottesville?

1. Bikram Yoga Charlottesville. Lizzie Clark is an amazing soul and walking in feels like home, every time.
2. Driving to Nelson County on a Sunday. Beautiful scenery, wineries, breweries, sitting outside all day, it’s perfection.
3. Gazpacho at Eppie’s. It’s the best lunch in town.
4. O’Suzannah. My go-to for gifts. I’ve always thought she should open a store just like it for men, its way too hard to buy gifts for guys.
5. City Market. I don’t get to go as often as I would like but love how it has grown in the nine years I have been here.  I would love to see it find a permanent, year round home.  A Saturday stroll to the market is one of my favorite dates with my husband.

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