Best yoga studio 2013: Bikram Yoga

Photo: John Robinson Photo: John Robinson

Bikram Yoga

109 Fifth St. SE

200 Four Seasons Dr.
111 Monticello Ave.
Albemarle Square Shopping Center
1015 Heathercroft Cir., Suite 100 (Crozet)

Death Valley, the hottest, driest, and lowest place in North America reaches temperatures well over 120 degrees on the reg. In 1913, one July day saw a high of 134 degrees Fahrenheit. Temps in Bikram Yoga’s Fifth Street studio don’t get quite that high (they heat the room to a balmy 105 degrees), but still the website warns, “Be ready to sweat!” We’d imagine that’s what it says on the welcome sign before you get to Death Valley, too. Over at ACAC, there’s a whole handful (sometimes two handfuls) of yoga offerings daily.

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