Best of C-VILLE 2012: Services

Best of C-VILLE 2012: Services

From a top-notch handyman to a great place to board your pet, these are your top picks in local services.  

General practitioner
Physical therapist
Plastic surgeon
Real estate agent
Home repair/handyman
Lawn and garden care
Place to get your car repaired
Taxicab service
Financial advisor
Wedding planner
Place to board pets
Preschool or daycare
Place for mani/pedi
Tattoo artist
Dry cleaners
Shoe repair service
Hotel, inn, or B&B
Car wash
Cleaning service
Computer repair place

Albemarle Center for Family Medicine
535 Westfield Rd., 973-4040
Runner-up: Greg Gelburd
313 Second St. SE #300, 817-1818
Think about it: Had the folks at Albemarle Family Medicine not managed to get all you readers feeling well again, you might never have been able to vote them best GPs in the area. The fact that they’ve made it to the winners’ circle is, in fact, a direct testament to their chops as physicians and their focus on people. Likewise Greg Gelburd, who has been helping you stay well for 27 years and counting, and knows that medicine is still about caring.
David and Rebecca Swett
900 Rio E. Court, Suite B, 979-3940
Runner-up: David Dalley
901 Preston Ave. #200, 296-8034
Tooth ache? Don’t sweat it! Or, better yet, let the Swetts sweat it. The couple has been practicing dentistry together since 1996. Runner-up David Dalley keeps patients saying “Ahh” at his Preston Avenue office.
Bonnie Straka
3350 Berkmar Dr., 923-4646
Runner-up: Anna Magee
600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy. #230, 984-2400
Sensitive about your skin? Or, have sensitive skin? Winner Bonnie Straka (and her team at Albemarle Dermatology Associates) is committed to treating whatever ails your outer layer in a knowledgeable and comfortable environment. In fact, a separate division of ADA, Signature Medical Spa, is dedicated to aesthetic and cosmetic services in more spa-like surroundings. Runner-up Anna Magee, founder of Charlottesville Dermatology, has been practicing in Charlottesville since 1994.
Jefferson OBGYN
600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy. #290, 977-4488
Runner-up: Ed Wolanski
600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy. #300
Some folks say diamonds are a girl’s best friend. We’re here to tell you the truth: A girl’s gynecologist is her best friend. And when you need someone familiar to make sure everything’s A-O.K. down under, you want a team you not only can trust, but with whom you feel comfortable. Jefferson OBGYN’s six physicians, nurse practitioner, and midwife are that team, readers say. And, with 25 years of experience, Ed Wolanski earns high marks in attentiveness and bedside manner.
Paige Perriello
1011 E. Jefferson St., 296-9161
Runner-up: Piedmont Pediatrics
900 Rio E. Court, 975-7777
Who can take care of a bawling baby, a toddler with a tummy ache, and give your little princess a potion? Readers say Paige Perriello is up to the task. And this year she added an extra job to her already busy schedule, that of “writer.” Paige pens a column in our parenting magazine, C-VILLE Kids. Piedmont Pediatrics, with five M.D.s and two RNs, recently extended its office hours so kids and parents don’t have to miss school or work to visit.
Doug Cox
1006 E. Market St., 293-6165
Runner-up: Scott Wagner
147 Zan Rd., 978-4888
Snap! Crackle! Pop! If you stopped eating Rice Krispies back when Reagan was in office, then that might be your bones making that racket you hear. Readers agree: Doug Cox can coax those cricks right out of ya. His East Market Street clinic has been in business for 30 years and also specializes in acupuncture, heat therapy, posture and gait analysis, heat therapy, and more. UVA chiropractor and runner-up Scott Wagner has his own practice up Route 29 and specializes in sports injuries, whether you’ve got tennis elbow or runner’s knees.
Pantops Physical Therapy
1490 Pantops Mountain Pl. #202, 245-6472
Runner-up: Kim Starr
Albemarle Square Shopping Center, 817-7848
Let’s get physical, physical… We wanna get physical—therapy, that is. And readers say there’s no better place to do that than Pantops Physical Therapy, where 10 therapists and athletic trainers are on hand to help you through your injury. ACAC physical therapist Kim Starr, who takes the runner-up slot, has been practicing PT since 1990, after earning her B.S. from the University of Delaware.
Susan Cunningham
3101 Fontaine Ave. Ext., 989-4620
Runner-up: Rachel Lewis
910 E. High St., 964-9077
It’s a tough world out there. And, when the going gets tough, the tough get Susan Cunningham. Readers say she’s the best person around town to spill all your secrets to. (And we know you have a lot.) In second place, Rachel Lewis specializes in adolescents’ and women’s issues.
Victoria Vastine
600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy. #270, 654-8920
Runner-up: Stephen Park
415 Ray C. Hunt Dr., 982-0251
Well of course you’re beautiful, dear. You’ve obviously aged well. But, we all need a lift now and then—both inside and out. That’s where Victoria Vastine, your winner again this year, comes in. The Martha Jefferson plastic surgeon has been practicing in Charlottesville for more than 13 years and specializes in breast and body procedures, as well as non-surgical facial rejuvenation. UVA’s Dr. Park specializes exclusively in reconstructive surgery to the face and neck.
Primary Eye Care
Barracks Road Shopping Center, 977-2020
Hollymead Town Center, 975-2020
Runner-up: Drs. Record & Record
600 Peter Jefferson Pkwy., 975-2420
Having trouble reading this? It might be time to get your eyes checked. Readers say the best place to do that is Primary Eye Care, the Barracks Road and Hollymead office that’s been in the area since 1987. Runners-up Record & Record (that’s “Carol” and “Stephen” to readers) have been helping you see straight for nearly 30 years.
VMDO Architects
200 E. Market St., 296-5684
Runner-up: Bushman Dreyfus Architects
820 E. High St., 295-1936
At 105, Oscar Ribeiro de Almeida Niemeyer Soares Filho is the world’s oldest living architect. Of course, he’s got nothin’ on VMDO, where the combined experience of the 11 principals have him beat by more than 50 years. The local firm focuses on larger projects that “translate into meaningful buildings of lasting value,” particularly in the area of education. Bushman Dreyfus, which began 20 years ago, designs everything from houses and landscapes to retreat centers and theaters.
Bob Hughes
820-A E. High St., 989-3592
Runner-up: Karen Ball
126 Garrett St. Suite D, 249-3199
Bob Hughes knows the importance of carving out a little space for yourself. As one of 12 (12!) children, he puts that understanding to the test with each of his clients, working to find them the perfect spot to call their own. Nest Realty’s Karen Ball, who grew up in Williamsburg and has been an area realtor since 2007, snaps up the runner-up spot for knowing just what kind of house you want.
ACE Contracting
1120 E. Market St., 293-6290
Runner-up: Mike Ball of Element Construction
802 Park St., 825-4196
Well, this is the pits. Or, more accurately, the Pitts. ACE Contracting, run by brothers Geoff, John, and Jim Pitts, has been in business since 1976 and, in addition to providing exceptional service, makes charitable contributions regularly. Talk about good business. At Element Construction, Mike Ball oversees your building projects with up-to-date industry knowledge and a tough-but-fair reputation. Wherever you see their signs, you know they’re building for keeps.
Robertson Electric
Runner-up: Hodges Myers
Somebody has to do the dirty work. ’Round these parts, that’s Robertson Electric, once a one-man electrical biz operating out of the founder’s basement, now a more-than-50-person operation that covers all manner of home issues, from air conditioning and heating to electrical and, yes, plumbing. Hodges Myers flushes out the rest of the competition again this year, taking the runner-up spot.
Robertson Electric
Runner-up: W.E. Brown
Are you sure you know what you’re doing? If that’s a familiar refrain in your household when something goes haywire, you might consider calling in a professional. Readers agree: Robertson Electric gets your issues fixed in a flash. Runner-up W.E. Brown, who first picked up his tools as a plumber’s assistant in 1916, passed down a tradition of excellent service that’s still a hallmark of the company today.
Charlottesville Handyman
Runner-up: Integrity Home Contracting
Did someone call a Jack of all trades? Charlottesville Handyman Russ Melton does it all, from paint and shelving to golf club restoration and computer networking. Talk about a Renaissance man! Integrity Home Contracting takes care of any handyman repairs to larger projects like kitchen remodels.
Snow’s Garden Center
1875 Avon St., 295-2159
Runner-up: Meriweather Mowing Co.
A tidy lawn is the sign of a happy home. …Well, we just made that up, but it wouldn’t surprise us if it were sorta true. Snow’s helps keep homes (and landscapes) happy with its brick-and-mortar store and design services. The 100-year-old company offers site visits and consultations. If your yard just needs a quick trim, Meriweather’s got the stuff. Set up a regular schedule and they’ll show up without you having to call every few weeks.
Airport Road Auto Center
1791 Airport Rd., 973-4075
Runner-up: University Tire & Auto
Pantops Shopping Center, 979-2300
Is your carburetor leaking? Do you even know what a carburetor is? Airport Auto does, and they know just what to do with it—not to mention the rest of your vehicle. Twenty-three bays enable the folks at Airport Auto to serve any multitude of your automobile sins—plus, the company has four cars available to take you to and from work while your car is brought back to life. University Tire, with four locations and a custom wheel center, takes the No. 2 slot.
Runner-up: Access Taxi
Drunk? Disgusted? Dissed? Wahooptie has seen it all and will usher you home, rather dignified in a vibrantly colored limousine. Nothing rectifies your disorderly after-hours conduct in quite the same way. Access Taxi travels beyond the city limits, offering flat rates for trips to Richmond ($120), Dulles ($140), and even Baltimore ($220).
Tucker Griffin Barnes
307 Rio Rd. W, 973-7474
Runner-up: Allen, Allen, Allen & Allen
Rio Hill Center, 295-4961
The Target of local law firms (meaning, a top-quality one-stop shop for real estate, criminal defense, business law and more), Tucker Griffin Barnes takes the lead again this year. Runner-up Allen quadrupled specializes in personal injury and medical malpractice.
David Marotta of Marotta Wealth Management
1 Village Green Cir., 244-0000
Runner-up: Old Dominion Capital Management
815 E. Jefferson St., 977-1550
Earlier this year, this is what David Marotta told us was an important tenet of being wealthy: “It’s not always a difference in earning, it’s a difference in spending.” Readers head to David for practical advice they can take to the bank. The team at Old Dominion, founded in 1989, takes the runner-up spot.
Lynn Easton of Easton Events
119 Rothery Rd., 293-4898
Runner-up: Meghan Streit of Shindig Weddings & Events
1206 Redfields Rd., 987-9581
It goes without saying that you’d prefer your big day to go off without a hitch. Lynn Easton ensures that, and then some. The one-time associate producer for NBC and ABC founded Easton Events shortly after moving to Charlottesville in 1989 and has since been featured in Southern Living Weddings, The Knot, and Virginia Living magazines. Meghan Streit started Shindig in 2010 and wows the wedding crowd with thoughtful, well-executed events. Bonus: Both of these women maintain beautiful blogs!
Pampered Pets
601 Concord Ave., 293-7387
Runner-up: All Things Pawssible
706 Henry Ave., 972-7297
According to market research by the American Pet Products Association, Americans will contribute an estimated $52.87 billion to the pet industry by year’s end. We’d imagine a portion of that will go to Pampered Pets, your favorite place to board your furry friend when you’re away—or even when you’re in town. The Concord Avenue kennel recently added a doggie Day Camp to its repertoire. All Things Pawssible, on Henry Avenue, offers training classes and day care.
Georgetown Veterinary Hospital
200 Georgetown Way, 977-4600
Runner-up: Charlottesville Veterinary Hospital
865 Rio E. Court, 973-4341
You know what they say: Keep your friends close, and your furry friends closer. (At least, we think that’s how it goes.) At Georgetown, Drs. Flynn, Handley, Peppard, and Fietz treat your fuzzy wuzzies like one of their own, and have for more than 50 years. For the Rio Road crowd, Charlottesville Vet is the trusted hand in veterinary care.
Bright Beginnings
1645 Park Ridge Dr., 823-7129
Runner-up: Charlottesville Day School
320 10th St. NE, 817-2371
If children are the future, then we really do need to teach them well. Readers with a brood say Bright Beginnings, with its three locations in Crozet, Forest Lakes, and Mill Creek, is the start of your kid’s great day—and great foundation for learning. In the runner-up spot, Charlottesville Day School serves kids from 2 years old through middle school. Talk about a well-rounded education.
Harvest Moon
946 Grady Ave. #11, 296-9091
Runner-up: C&O Restaurant
515 E. Water St., 971-7044
Good food is the centerpiece of any successful event. Your guests may not remember what you wore (or what they wore), but what they ate is something they’ll remember long after the evening has passed. Readers ensure a memorable menu by enlisting Harvest Moon, which emphasizes the use of local, sustainable ingredients wherever possible. The catering arm of C&O guarantees its fine restaurant-quality nosh in whatever setting you choose, from finger food to buffet.
Oasis Day Spa
103 W. Water St., 244-9667
Runner-up: Happy Nails
2295 Seminole Ln., 975-1170
At 10′ 2″, the claws of Christine Walton, in Las Vegas, hold the Guinness World Record for longest fingernails. Unless that appeals to you, readers recommend heading to Oasis to get a trim, buff, and polish to keep things from reaching unruly lengths. Happy Nails can help in that area, too. But, we bet you’re wondering, what about the record for longest toenails? The answer: We couldn’t even go there.
Claibourne Reppert at The Honeycomb
310 E. Market St., 977-0616
Runner-up: Virginia Glenn at Bella Boutique
106 S. First St., 218-2977
It’s no surprise that both Claibourne and Virginia have an art background—Claibourne from the Savannah College of Art & Design and Virginia from UVA. Being a hairstylist is, after all, somewhat of an artform. Not just anyone can take your untamed mane and turn it into something truly fabulous. Readers say, this year, these women have your coiff covered.
Moxie Hair & Body Lounge
608 Preston Ave., 979-5556
Runner-up: Bella Boutique
106 S. First St., 218-2977
Great hairstyles come from great hairstylists. Both of these beauty shops keep a full scissor-wielding team at the ready for your next cut and color. And your winner, on Preston Avenue, also offers a few spa packages, with everything from facials and massages to manis and pedis.
Staples Barber Shop
Barracks Road Shopping Center, 296-7354
Runner-up: Charlottesville Barbering
820 E. Jefferson St., 295-7349
Staples Barber Shop, in the Barracks Road Shopping Center, is a living legend, where the air is laden with Barbicide and brilliantine and a steady queue of manly customers lounge amongst magazines. Not to be outdone, Downtown’s Charlottesville Barbering has been cutting ’em high and tight for decades.
Oasis Day Spa
103 W. Water St., 244-9667
Runner-up: Boar’s Head Spa
200 Ednam Dr., 296-2181
You’ve heard of “oohs and ahhs,” but how about just plain “ahhhhh”? That’s what you’ll say as you lie back and relax at Oasis, indulging in its massages, wrap treatments, body masks, and more. At the Boar’s Head, sign up for one of the deluxe packages during your stay. Even if you’re a local, it’ll take you away.
Ben Miller at Ben Around Tattoos
701 W. Main St., 923-8282
Runner-up: Tim Forbus at Acme Tattoo
614 W. Beverly St., Staunton, (540) 292-9574
The term “body art” doesn’t quite cover it. Award-winning tattoo artist Ben Miller’s work is more like “body masterpiece.” You won’t find typical tats coming out of his West Main shop; all of Ben’s handiwork is an original piece and folks from all over come to get a piece of the action. Tim Forbus, a newcomer to the category, provides expert tattooing, piercing, and body jewelry from the Corner shop.
Brown’s Dry Cleaners
510 Preston Ave., 296-6285
Runner-up: Skyline Cleaners
2110 Barracks Rd., 970-1004
Keep it clean, folks. No, not your mind (we don’t care what you do with that), your clothes. As you’ve likely learned the hard way, some things just can’t go through the wash. Readers leave it to the pros at Brown’s and Skyline to wash, rinse, repeat.
Chong’s Alterations
2114 Angus Rd. #105A, 295-4260
Runner-up: E Tailor
112 W. Main St. #7, 923-8500
Here’s the secret to looking amazing: Tailor everything you own—dresses, coats, even your jeans—to get the very best fit. Readers say the folks at Chong’s, on Angus Road, are the experts. E Tailor, in York Place on the Downtown Mall, zips up the No. 2 spot.
Ace Shoe Repair
230 Zan Rd. #B, 973-9011
Runner-up: Bob’s Leather & Shoe Repair
1718 Hydraulic Rd., 978-2983
What’s the difference between your souls and your soles? It’s a hard knock life, so likely not much. Ace Shoe Repair can’t help in the soul area, but readers say when it comes to soles (or other problems with your kicks), the folks on Zan Road can straighten it out. Runner-up Bob Han, on Hydraulic Road, skids into second place.
Boar’s Head Inn
200 Ednam Dr., 296-2181
Runner-up: Keswick Hall
701 Club View Dr., 979-3440
Don’t you wish you could make your bed at home feel half as luxurious as the ones in hotel rooms? This year, readers gave up the fight and headed to Boar’s Head, where no one does it better. In fact, guests are often so enamored of the accommodations, they ask staff to order them a set of bed linens to take home. Keswick Hall has a boutique setup of 48 rooms ranging from Superior (with a queen or king-size bed) to the one bedroom suite, which is ideal for families.
Express Car Wash
Seminole Square Shopping Center, 978-1088
Runner-up: Clean Machine
101 Riverbend Dr., 971-9274
The rule of pricing goes like this: Something can be cheap and fast, but not good. Things can be good and cheap, but not fast. Or, things can be good and fast, but not cheap. Fortunately, that rule doesn’t really apply to Express Car Wash, where readers agree you can get your automobile spic-and-span (good), for less than $6 (cheap), in under five minutes (fast). The Clean Machine system, in the runner-up spot, takes a safe, touchless approach to cleansing your vehicle.
Busy Brooms
Runner-up: One Clean World
Roseanne Barr once said, “I’m not going to vacuum until Sears makes one you can ride on.” It’s clear readers feel the same way, which is likely why they hire Busy Brooms to do the heavy lifting. The 11-year-old company mops up the competition. One Clean World, which uses environmentally friendly solutions, sweeps up in the runner-up spot.
UVA Community Credit Union
3300 Berkmar Dr., 964-2000
1936 Arlington Blvd.
1018 W. Main St.
900 E. Jefferson St.
220 Wayles Ln.
56 StoneRidge Dr. S (Ruckersville)
250W Shoppes at Clover Lawn, (Crozet)
3033 Rockfish Valley Hwy. (Nellysford)
1.2 miles north of Lowe’s (Zion Crossroads)
409 E. Main St. (Louisa)
6042 Thomas Jefferson Pkwy. (Palmyra)
Runners-up: Virginia National Bank
222 E. Main St., 817-8621
404 People Pl., 817-7676
1900 Arlington Blvd., 817-8550
1580 Seminole Trail, 817-8540
and Wells Fargo (tie)
Various locations
Money makes the world go ’round. And the best place to put all that dough? Readers choose UVA Community Credit Union, a one-stop shop for savings, loans, and checking accounts. VNB and Wells Fargo are right on the money in the runner-up spots.
NWG Solutions
913 E. Market St., 979-0555
Runner-up: Quick Fix Computers
888 Oakwood Rd. #130, 343-2349
There is, quite possibly, nothing more frustrating than a computer on the fritz. When something goes wrong with yours, as NWG says, every second counts. The company, founded in 2001, is available for instant gratification 24/7. Similarly, readers love Quick Fix for its company guarantee: “If we can’t fix it, you don’t pay.”
Charlottesville Albemarle SPCA
3355 Berkmar Dr., 973-5959
Runner-up: Habitat for Humanity
501 Grove Ave., 293-9066
Home. It’s a small word, but it means so much to someone (or something) who doesn’t have one. Your votes for best nonprofit this year go to organizations devoted to finding homes for animals and building homes and communities, for people who can’t afford the market. Both are always in need of volunteers, so make sure to sign up, and keep up their good work.

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