Best noodle soup 2013: Revolutionary Soup

Photo: Aaron Cohen Photo: Aaron Cohen

Revolutionary Soup

105 14th St. NW
108 Second St. SW

Moto Pho Co.
511 W. Main St.

A most interesting No. 1 choice, readers. Rev Soup isn’t necessarily known for its noodle soup, unless you count the chicken noodle that occasionally graces the menu. Still, we can’t argue with perfection, and it’s hard to deny that, when it comes to soup, the Downtown and Corner joint serves up anything less—noodles or not. In second place, a newcomer to the scene this year. Moto Pho Co. (say it out loud and pronounce it “fuh”!) serves up the quintessential noodle soup (pho) in a swanky setting with communal seating.

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