Best movie theater 2013: Regal Stonefield Stadium 14

Photo: Aaron Cohen Photo: Aaron Cohen

Regal Stonefield Stadium 14

1954 Swanson Dr.

Vinegar Hill Theatre

Charlottesville waited a long time for a big, flashy theater. And, while the traffic situation at Stonefield leaves much to be desired, Regal delivered with 14 giant screens, stadium seating (with rocking chairs!) for more than 2,800 people, and a constant flow of blockbusters. As for Vinegar Hill, any place you can see a screening of Judy Blume’s Tiger Eyes and then listen to the author say a curse word during a Q&A in front of an audience of 30 fangirls (Judy, how could you!?) is O.K. in our book. Its closing in early August was a huge blow to the local film scene, though, and we’ll miss its appearance on the ballot (and elsewhere) next year.

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