Best local photographer 2013: Jen Fariello

Photo: Ron Dressel Photo: Ron Dressel

Jen Fariello

Sarah Cramer-Shields

It must be nice to see the world through the eyes of Jen Fariello. It seems every frame she captures is more beautiful than the last, which is why readers voted the wedding and lifestyle photographer into the top slot this year. Sarah Cramer-Shields, who for the past few years has been working on a food-focused passion project called Beyond the Flavor with her business partner and fellow photog Andrea Hubbell, clicks into the No. 2 spot.


What’s Jen passionate about in Charlottesville?

1. One of the best things about Charlottesville is how many businesses and services providers are independently owned and operated. Coming from Northern Virginia this was a great and wonderful surprise. I feel like this community really supports an entrepreneurial atmosphere.
2. Open space. Preserving as much rural charm and character as possible.
3. Animals and their right to be here as much as humans.
4. A thriving and hospitable event community
5. The arts and creativity in Charlottesville.