Best live DJ 2013: DJ Stroud

Press photo. Press photo.

DJ Stroud

Derek Tobler

A little-known fact about DJ Stroud? In addition to his love of music, he’s also an avid surfer with a collection of about 15 surfboards and paddleboards. There’s an obvious connection between ocean waves and sound waves, so we’re not surprised his passion for both thrills lands him recognition as the top DJ this year. Derek Tobler, who dominates the wedding circuit, takes second place.


What’s Stroud passionate about in Charlottesville?

1. The Rivanna Reservoir. This is where I get most of my exercise, either stand up or prone paddling a stand up paddleboard, or paddling a kayak. Lots of wildlife to see in, on, and around it as well. The Rivanna River is also great for a convenient river run right through town.
2. O-Hill. I’ve walked, hiked, or run on most of the Rivanna Trail(s), but the trails on O-Hill are close to my home, and there are numerous routes and a number of inclines to ascend. It’s also great for a nighttime stargazing picnic getaway.
3. Local beer. Though I often opt for a mega-brew American light beer for a long afternoon of watching football, tubing, or social activities, it’s nice to have a variety of local brews to sample, from the store or at the brewery.
4. The wedding market. Though it certainly wasn’t the reason I started DJing, the nationally driven wedding market in Charlottesville looks like it will be supplying me the largest segment of my income in the future.
5. UVA. The reason I first came to Charlottesville (to attend the school), and the primary engine that drove my businesses here for many years.