Best hairstylist 2013: Claibourne Reppert

Photo by Alicia Walsh-Noel. Photo by Alicia Walsh-Noel.

Claibourne Reppert at The Honeycomb

310 E. Market St.

Jonathan Nuckles
104 14th St. NW

In a C-VILLE interview with Claibourne earlier this year, her brother-in-law, who was sitting in on the conversation, said this of her hair salon: “You can read People or you can look at some cool art.” That’s because Claibourne’s salon, The Honeycomb, isn’t just a salon. It’s also an art gallery, showcasing the kind of art that draws the kind of clientele she’s seeking. “There’s a nice crossover,” she told us. Jonathan Nuckles, who recently celebrated 10 years in the Charlottesville style scene, flattens the competition again this year and earns himself the runner-up spot.


What’s Claibourne passionate about in Charlottesville?

1. Old Love: Herb Mayonnaise from Bellair Market
2. The bridge when coming from 250 out to Ivy in front of the intersection of Ivy road and Bellair. It always had the best/worst graffiti on it.
3. New Love: Peppers at Citizen Burger Bar
4. How upset the city of Charlottesville is about the ‘bums’
5. The Charlottesville’s Flower Man sign on Cherry Avenue. The sign is gone now but might have to become my next tattoo… I loved him.
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