Best dentist 2013: David and Rebecca Swett

Photo: Sarah Jane Winter Photo: Sarah Jane Winter

David and Rebecca Swett

900 Rio Rd. E, Suite B

David Dalley
901 Preston Ave. #200

The longest tooth ever pulled, belonging to Singapore resident Loo Hui Jing, measured in at 1.26″. There’s never been quite as big an extraction at the Swetts’ practice (Mr. Jing continues to the world record), but readers feel confident the husband-and-wife team would be up to the task. They take the lead in this category again this year, along with David Dalley, who’s been practicing dentistry since 1982.

What are the Swetts passionate about in Charlottesville?

1. Watching a hot-air balloon lift off in the early morning mist.
2. Amazing shrimp at MAS.
3. The route 151 wine and beer tastings on the way to Wintergreen.
4. Looking through the McCormick Observatory telescope on Friday nights.
5. Sound of the train rolling through town.