Best bank 2013: UVA Community Credit Union

UVA Community Credit Union

3300 Berkmar Dr.
300 Preston Ave.
1018 W. Main St.
325 Four Leaf Ln. (Crozet)
220 Wayles Ln. (Crozet)

Wells Fargo
123 E. Main St.
2100 Ivy Rd.
901 Emmet St. N

In India, many temples have ATMs installed inside so you can make devotional contributions or religious donations. In Charlottesville, the only place you’ll make donations once you get cash from the ATM is to the god of loans and bills. But readers feel good about giving their money to UVA Community Credit Union, where they know it’ll be safe. Wells Fargo provides a kind of big-box bank experience for those who need the security of a national name to store their cash.