Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best bookstore 2013: Barnes & Noble

Barnes & Noble Barracks Road Shopping Center 984-0461 Runner-up: Daedalus Bookshop 121 Fourth St. NE 293-7595 The Library of Congress in Washington, D.C., contains 28 million books and has 532 miles of shelving. If you’re looking to build your own collection, readers say there’s no better place to start than Barnes & Noble, where […]

Photo: John Robinson

Best martial arts studio 2013: Hiromi T’ai Chi

Hiromi T’ai Chi 609 E. Market St. (877) 880-2479 Runner-up: Charlottesville Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu 601 Concord Ave. 825-6202 T’ai Chi Ch’uan is Chinese for “supreme ultimate fist.” We can’t help but think that sounds pretty intense. But the practice is actually quite pensive. Readers turn to Hiromi T’ai Chi for strength-building in both mind […]

Best plumber 2013: Robertson Electric

Robertson Electric 973-4348 Runner-up: Hodges Myers 973-2670 If it’s true that more than 70 percent of the earth’s total population doesn’t use toilet paper, then how in the world are there so many plumbing problems? That’s a question better left unanswered, as far as this category is concerned. Robertson Electric, which began as a […]

Photo: Ashley Twiggs

Best barber 2013: Staples Barber Shop

Staples Barber Shop Barracks Road Shopping Center 296-7354 Runner-up: Chung’s Barber Shop Albemarle Square Shopping Center 973-7578 They say the difference between a good haircut and a bad haircut is two weeks. But readers know that’s not even a consideration when they step into Staples for a trim. The barbers at the Barracks Road Shopping […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best sandwich spot 2013: Bodo’s Bagels

Bodo’s Bagels 505 Preston Ave. 293-5224 1609 University Ave. 293-6021 1418 Emmet St. N 977-9598 Runner-up: Bluegrass Grill & Bakery 313 Second St. SE #105 295-9700 The most important meal of your day, breakfast is not to be taken lightly. Readers know Bodo’s is the best way to break the fast, offering up a […]

Photo: Justin Ide

Best steak 2013: Downtown Grille

Downtown Grille 201 W. Main St. 817-7080 Runner-up: Aberdeen Barn 2018 Holiday Dr. 296-4630 Necessity is the mother of invention. For Henry Ford, inventor of the gas-powered vehicle, that necessity was finding a way to turn a profit on the wood scraps used in the production of his Model A. With some help […]