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Best pilates studio 2013: TruPilates

Tru Pilates 310 Second St. SE 975-3800 Runner-up: ACAC 200 Four Seasons Dr. 978-7523 111 Monticello Ave. 984-3800 Albemarle Square Shopping Center 978-3800 1015 Heathercroft Cir., Suite 100 (Crozet) 817-2055 Bum. Derriere. Booty. No matter how you shake it (or stretch it, for that matter), it’s clear that readers go to TruPilates for […]

Best contractor 2013: Advantage Handyman

Advantage Handyman 817-7222 Runner-up: Jeff Easter 295-9911 During World War II, Vesta Stoudt, a mother of three naval officers, invented duct tape when she noticed the paper tab used to rip open a box of rifle cartridges was inefficient. It’s this kind of attention to detail and creativity that’s expected when it comes […]

Photo by Alicia Walsh-Noel.

Best hairstylist 2013: Claibourne Reppert

Claibourne Reppert at The Honeycomb 310 E. Market St. 977-0616 Runner-up: Jonathan Nuckles 104 14th St. NW 227-2277 In a C-VILLE interview with Claibourne earlier this year, her brother-in-law, who was sitting in on the conversation, said this of her hair salon: “You can read People or you can look at some cool […]

Photo: Aaron Cohen

Best hangover menu 2013: Bodo’s Bagels

Bodo’s Bagels 505 Preston Ave. 293-5224 1609 University Ave. 293-6021 1418 Emmet St. N 977-9598 Runner-up: Blue Moon Diner 513 W. Main St. 980-6666 Sheep lungs and two owl eggs; raw, pickled herring wrapped around pieces of gerkhin and onion; dried bull penis. Those are all hangover “cures” in other parts of the world. […]

Photo: John Robinson

Best delivery 2013: Basil Mediterranean Bistro

Basil Mediterranean Bistro 109 14th St. 977-5700 Runner-up: College Inn 1511 University Ave. 977-2710 The idea of delivery—a.k.a. dinnertime for lazy people—is already a brilliant one. Add to that concept restaurant-quality food brought straight to your door and it’s almost too good to be true. That’s what readers get with Basil Mediterranean Bistro: […]

Photo: John Robinson

Best burger 2013: Citizen Burger Bar

Citizen Burger Bar 212 E. Main St. 979-9944 Runner-up: Boylan Heights 102 14th St. NW 984-5707 In a season four episode of “How I Met Your Mother,” Marshall spends all day trying to locate the best burger he ever had, leading the gang to a hole-in-the-wall spot with a neon red burger sign […]