Raennah Lorne

Raennah Lorne

Open-dialogue proponent Daryl Davis will speak about his work with the Ku Klux Klan, which has resulted in hundreds of members leaving the KKK. Courtesy of Daryl Davis

TEDxCharlottesville speakers challenge our way of thinking

Artists, educators and innovators take the stage on Friday at the Paramount’s TEDxCharlottesville event. Among them are blues musician Daryl Davis whose friendship with members of the Ku Klux Klan has caused many of them to question their membership, National Geographic photographer Ami Vitale, who finds connections between cultures, and entrepreneur and cartoonist Chic Thompson, […]

UVA visiting artist Ed Woodham will discuss art in public space on October 24 at UVA and on October 25 at Second Street Gallery as a launch for his AiOP: MATTER festival set for April. Woodham produces Art in Odd Places in collaboration with other artists to offer uniquely set works such as Crystal Gregory’s “Invasive Crochet.” Courtesy Ed Woodham

Ed Woodham reclaims public space with Art in Odd Places

Each year, UVA’s student-run Arts Board Committee invites an artist to the University of Virginia. This year, in collaboration with the visual studio arts program, the students have invited New York-based artist Ed Woodham, founder and director of Art in Odd Places, a collaborative arts festival. Woodham will give two talks this month on the […]

Sharon Harrigan reads from her memoir, Playing with Dynamite, at New Dominion Bookshop on October 12. She will discuss the genre with Jennifer Niesslein at WriterHouse on November 2. Publicity photo

Sharon Harrigan puts her heart on the page

For most of her life, Sharon Harrigan has been haunted by questions surrounding her father’s death: He died in Michigan when she was 7, and the exact cause was shrouded in a fog. Her debut memoir, Playing with Dynamite, is about finding the courage to ask questions, to question her own memory and ultimately to […]

Elizabeth Meade Howard will read from her book, Aging Famously: Follow Those You Admire to Living Lone and Well, at New Dominion Bookshop on September 15, and at the Senior Center on September 22.

Elizabeth Meade Howard’s collection offers aging insights

When Elizabeth Meade Howard’s father died at age 90, she found herself adrift without a beacon. Not only had she lost her parent, she’d lost her model for aging well. An award-winning journalist, she began to interview friends, neighbors and professionals she admired—some of them famous—inquiring what aging successfully meant to them. Her quest became […]

Residents of the Fifeville, Belmont and Ridge Street neighborhoods selected four BeCville creative community projects, including planting cherry trees along Cherry Avenue, which are aimed at improving their surroundings. Courtesy of BeCville

BeCville announces community art project winners

BeCville, a community arts project centered on the city’s Strategic Investment Area (the intersection of Ridge Street, Belmont and Fifeville), has been more than a year in the making, led by Matt Slaats, executive director of PauseLab. Slaat’s premise for BeCville, funded by an NEA Our Town Grant called Play the City, is to use […]

Based on a request from a “Housing2Home” client, Brittany Fan painted a beach sunrise, and later discovered a deeper connection to the recipient’s past. 
Photo courtesy of Aaron McGinnis.

‘Housing2Home’ connects through the power of art

Sometimes art is so public—in galleries, in gardens, on exterior walls of buildings—that unless we purchase it ourselves, we forget that it may go on to live a private life inside a home, becoming part of the fabric of lived human experience. In the case of “Housing2Home,” this month’s exhibition at New City Arts Initiative’s […]

Devon Sproule performs at The Front Porch on May 20 for the release of The Gold String. Photo courtesy of subject

Devon Sproule shares her songwriting process

While singer-songwriter Devon Sproule’s sound has evolved over time, she continues to write thoughtful and compelling lyrics. This month her eighth album, The Gold String, will be released. The record is themed on the idea of an invisible string connecting all things, and the possibility of finding “spiritual togetherness in everyday life,” Sproule says. For […]

Lorenzo Dickerson’s photo of Will Taylor is included in the exhibition #BlackOwnedCville and ties in with the NEA Big Read by focusing on African-American entrepreneurship. Courtesy of artist

#BlackOwnedCville and NEA Big Read connect the threads

Throughout this month, an exhibition titled #BlackOwnedCville by local photographer and filmmaker Lorenzo Dickerson is on display on the third floor of the Central Library. Dickerson says he was moved to pursue the project because, “I was curious myself about African-American businesses here locally. Growing up here I knew of some. Like Mel’s Café on […]

“Empowering Women of Color” runs through February 24 at the Bridge, with a music and performance event to benefit SARA on February 16. Photo by Emmanuel Ndenguebi

Multimedia show at the Bridge provides voice and vision

Using photography, film, oil, acrylics and embroidery, “Empowering Women of Color” showcases women both as creators of, and prominent subjects in, art. “It came together in a natural, organic way,” says artist and organizer Emma Brodeur who graduated from UVA in 2015. Six months ago she was embroidering a portrait on a friend’s jacket and […]