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Landscape architect Pete O'Shea is inspired by people and places that have a story. Photo: Robert Radifera

The long and winding road: Siteworks Studio’s Pete O’Shea opens up about how he got here

Landscape architect Pete O’Shea spent his youth playing in the fields, orchards, and woods of his Central Massachusetts neighborhood, where “we didn’t really know that what we were exploring daily was this incredibly dynamic landscape of glacial topography, dwindling agriculture, and second growth forests laced with old stone walls, boulders, ponds, and streams,” he said. […]

Photo: Jen Fariello

A horse, of course

Shortly after she learned to talk, Molly Streit announced that she wanted to take horseback riding lessons. “I made the rule that she couldn’t ride until she was 5,” her mother, Meghan, said. “The day after she turned 5, she took her first lesson.” Molly is now 7 years old, and has been riding her […]

Madison Gildersleeve-Price, Maggie Matthews, and Elly and Abby Haden were among the members of an Albemarle High School Destination Imagination team that took fifth place in last spring's global competition. Photo: Steph Haden

World domination: Local Destination Imagination team goes global

They call themselves the Smartie-Nerds (a mash-up of the two candy names), and after placing fifth in the world at last spring’s Destination Imagination global competition at the University of Tennessee, nobody’s going to argue with them. “Them” is Madison Gildersleeve-Price, Abby and Elly Haden, Teresa Li, Maggie Matthews, Sarah Trotter, and Stacy Vitko, an […]

Designers Chloe Ball (left) and Kathleen Conroy. Photo: Brianna Larocco

Two, and two together: Kenny Ball Design’s tag team

When we asked designer Chloe Ball to answer a few questions for us this month, she said, “I’m one of two who make a team.” So we talked to Chloe and her partner, Kathleen Conroy, and they enlightened us about the Medici family’s Pitti Palace, tinsel on Christmas trees, and Sister Parish. Have you ever […]

All photos: Aaron Watson

At first sight: An elegant, easy-going day to remember

Candice Cloos said she met Patrick Haney the old-fashioned way: “in a dive bar.” Truth be told, she was trying to disentangle herself from a conversation with another man, when she noticed Patrick and shouted, “There you are!” “Without missing a beat, he played along that we knew each other, and we spent the next […]

All photos: Laura Gordon

A little romance: How sweet this celebration is

Although they didn’t know it at the time, Katie Castillo and William Deibler spent their high school years in houses just a few miles away from each other. But it wasn’t until Katie had graduated from the University of Virginia and moved back home that mutual friends introduced her to William. A few months into […]

"We wanted everything to be elegant, but not fussy, almost like a casual but stylish garden party," Rachel Stinson said. Photo: April Bennett

Vintage day: Two wine families come together for one marriage

Ask Rachel Stinson about the early days of her courtship with Nathan Vrooman, and she says, “We were covered in sticky grape juice for the first three months of our relationship.” Not surprising, considering the pair had moved to Charlottesville to help their parents start vineyards and wineries (her: Stinson, him: Ankida Ridge), and met […]

Ian Redshaw surprised Allie McGrath by stoping the Dreams Come True Parade At Walt Disney World to ask her, "Will you make all my dreams come true and marry me?"

Making marry: The happiest day on earth

Tavola cook Ian Redshaw fell in love with Allie McGrath when they were both students at The Culinary Institute of America in Hyde Park, New York. The pair dated for six years, and last spring Ian decided it was time to propose. When asked why, he said simply, “She’s my everything.” And to make that […]

For a Mount Ida Farms rehearsal dinner, The Catering Outfit's menu reflected both the season and local fare, with bacon-wrapped quail with Virginia highland malt-pepper jelly glaze, creamed leek and mascarpone Byrd Mill stone ground grits, tri-colored fingerlings with baby bell pepper and mint gremolata, haricot vert, and baby carrot sauté. Photo: Jen Fariello

Food for thought

When it comes to feeding hungry wedding guests, few are better at it than the folks at APimento and The Catering Outfit. Feast your eyes on some of their recent hits. The bride was from Mexico, her husband Austrian, and together they returned to Charlottesville to marry and celebrate their meeting in the mountains. APimento’s […]

Nothing beats walking down the aisle in a dress worn by both your mother and your grandmother. Photo: Jack Looney

Everything old is new—or borrowed and blue

The custom of incorporating something old, new, borrowed, and blue into your wedding day ensemble is (literally) straight out of an Old English rhyme. But there’s nothing antiquated about its meaning: something old represents continuity; something new offers optimism for the future; something borrowed symbolizes borrowed happiness; and something blue stands for purity, love, and […]

Urinetown, “where people have to use public bathrooms to take care of their private business,” opens Friday. Image: Chris Pecoraro

Monticello High opens doors of opportunity with Urinetown

Madeline Michel doesn’t care for musicals. “I hate them,” she laughed. “They’re boring, and I can almost never sit through the second act.” Which begs the obvious question: Why in the name of Stephen Sondheim does the Monticello theater director devote countless hours every spring to putting together a high school musical? “It’s all about […]

C-VILLE Kids! Book deal: Must-reads for 6- to 9-year-olds

C-VILLE Kids! Book deal: Must-reads for 6- to 9-year-olds

(File photo) I spent most of the summer between fourth and fifth grades in the Long Lake public library. It was hot in Minnesota that year, and the library was one of the few air-conditioned buildings I got to visit. The librarian, who played bridge with my mother, was quite good at suggesting books I’d […]