Susan Sorensen


Back to nature

When it comes to burying our dearly departed, most of us know what to expect: embalming chemicals, expensive coffins,...

Sew fine

It was a few days before prom, and a Charlottesville  High School senior was worried. The full-length, midnight-blue...

Into the woods

Lily Casteen was 7 years old when her parents enrolled her in ARCNatural History Day Camp, on the back acres of...

A dynasty is born

UVA’s women swimmers blow the competition out of the water

Net positive

Anna Williamson always brings her ‘A’ game

Exquisite taste

Tavola’s Alicia Simmons balances tradition with creativity and kindness

All the pretty horses

Talk about a gift that keeps on giving: In 2006, local philanthropist Fred Scott donated an antique carousel to the...

Up on the roof

What beats tucking into a big ol’ plate of Huevos BlueMoonos? Tucking into a big ol’ plate of Huevos BlueMoonos while...

The marrying kind

Sarah Fay Waller makes your big day the best day

All you need is kimchi

Jennifer Naylor, affectionately known as Mama Bird to those who frequent her Sussex Farm stall at area farmers’...