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Charlotte Dreizen and Kelly Cramer manage Composting Collaborative and How2Recycle respectively, two programs aimed at helping businesses get more out of their materials. Photo: Amy Jackson

Tools for sustainability: GreenBlue programs make businesses more environmentally friendly

Greater productivity is good for business. What if the materials that comprised your products could be used—and reused—more productively over their entire life cycles? No matter what your business makes, you have potential to get more value out of your materials. Charlottesville-based nonprofit GreenBlue can help. Its mission is to foster “a resilient system of […]

In the last 20 years, the Omni Charlottesville Hotel has hired hundreds of refugees, such as Paw Zaw, Waseem Nasir, Liqaa Al Behadili and Joseph Sesay, who currently serve in areas of housekeeping, food and beverage and guest services. Photo: Eze Amos

Global workers, local business: With help from the IRC, local companies hire refugees

Refugees flee violence and persecution to rebuild their lives—and careers—in new places, and over the years, the Charlottesville area has been the initial home for more than 3,500 refugees from 32 countries. The International Rescue Committee (IRC) helps them integrate into the workforce by partnering with local businesses. Design Electric, a 250-person company that builds […]

Good work: Doing good is good business

Good work: Doing good is good business

Cristine Nardi asks us to imagine Charlottesville without the nonprofit sector. No Paramount Theater or Discovery Museum on the Downtown Mall. No WNRN to listen to in the car. No Thomas Jefferson Foundation to open the doors of Monticello. No Jefferson School to preserve the legacy of the African-American community. No University of Virginia or […]