Shea Gibbs

Future Islands flies in fresh from its European tour to push electronic dance music forward
at the Southern on Monday.

Future Islands finds its place in the EDM sea

Throw the word “post” before the name of a music genre, and it can pretty much mean whatever you want it to. The members of Future Islands, an act caught somewhere in the limbo between indie rock and electronic dance music, once called themselves a “post-post” band. Fortunately, the three-piece outfit is willing to get […]

Lake Street Dive is on a run of (mostly) sold out shows, including Sunday’s Jefferson Theater gig.

Lake Street Dive eyes stardom through a vintage lens

Pop-soul throwback Lake Street Dive’s music is kind of like all these Spiderman movies, to loosely paraphrase drummer Michael Calabrese. “There is this whole thing right now in our culture of reaching back and trying to do something new with old ideas and make sense of them in our modern time,” he told C-VILLE Weekly […]

Didgeridoo player William Barton makes a bold impression as travels the world to promote the instrument’s heritage.

Modern master puts his spin on ancient instrument

Sometime in late elementary school, you learn about the didgeridoo (occasionally spelled didjeridu). It’s a funky instrument played by half naked Aboriginal people in the Australian bush. It’s more than a thousand years old. It doesn’t actually sound all that great. Then, while attending a Phish show, you come across another didge. It’s pressed to […]

Ted Bowne (second from left) and Passafire extract the best of the reggae sound and fuse it into high energy rock.

Passafire likes its rock with a side of reggae

Passafire’s Ted Bowne says he has nothing but respect for his peers in reggae, but there’s one figure in the modern game he doesn’t like—Snoop Lion, formerly Snoop Dogg. “I thought the transformation was well-intended, but if someone starts coming around your house and wearing your clothes and talking like you, it is weird,” Bowne […]

Crozet resident and internationally known folk muscian, Ellis Paul finds creative freedom in the local music scene. He plays the Southern on Saturday and Sunday.

Local songwriter Ellis Paul breaks down the craft

There’s a scene in Animal House where John Belushi’s character Bluto walks by a folk singer strumming a tune in the Delta Tau Chi fraternity house. He listens to the lyrics for a moment—“I gave my love a chicken that had no bones” —before smashing the guitar against the wall and handing it back to […]