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Todd Snider brings his colorful snark to the Jefferson where he will preview a film he stars in, read from his upcoming book, take questions, and probably play music. Photo: publicity photo

Renaissance man Todd Snider brings his circus to town

Just seconds into my conversation with Todd Snider, he’s telling me about some LSD that was “going around the neighborhood” a few months back. The next moment, he’s on to a story about dodging fruit hurled by Jimmy Buffett. He then deadpans that if young musicians come to him asking for career advice, “they’ve already […]

How Camp Changed My Life

How Camp Changed My Life

Rosser Wayland couldn’t be sure the crying child he saw on the D.C. subway was lost. The boy seemed alone. But were his parents nearby, waiting out a temper tantrum? Were they administering a timeout? Wayland watched the eyes of the other passengers […]

Justin Ringle’s notable folk voice has been compared to many popular singers including
Tracy Chapman.

Horse Feathers celebrates 10 years of fluctuation

Bandmates come and go. It’s just a fact of the music business, according to Justin Ringle, who’s been fronting the Portland, Oregon-based indie folk outfit Horse Feathers since 2004. Most break-ups are under the radar—just musicians going about their professional lives, rather than the splashy teeth-gnashing feuds the media eats up. “I used to hate […]

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. members Daniel Zott and Joshua Epstein drive an anti-pop attitude that results in a catchy, wide-ranging style.

Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. gears up for the next record

Catchiness. It’s the pop song writer’s holy grail. But what is it about a song that gets it lodged in hipsters’ heads? Is it a combination of the perfect melody and a poetic hook? The right balance of whistling and “woo-woos”? Perhaps a horn-driven chorus? Cowbell anyone? Whatever the formula, Detroit-based Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. […]

A concrete countertop becomes a focal point in this Crozet kitchen. Photo: Courtesy Alexander Kitchin

Hard work: Concrete craftsmen elevate humble material

Alexander Kitchin wants to get your mind off the floor. “Most people are stuck down there,” he said. He’s referring to the common perception of how concrete is used in architecture. A UVA grad with a master’s degree in the discipline, Kitchin has devoted his 20-plus-year career to elevating the art of concrete design. Today, he […]