Shea Gibbs

This outdoor fireplace in the city was inspired by those the homeowner had seen at local restaurants like La Taza and Fry's Spring Station. Photo: Matthew Cox

Fire pits add style and comfort as temps ease lower

Average high temperatures in Charlottesville don’t dip below 50 until well into December. So what do you need to enjoy the outdoors right up to the holidays? Nothing more than a small, well-built fire pit. “It’ll certainly keep you warm, especially if you’re standing around it,” says Matthew Cox, owner of Crozet’s Appalachian Landscapes, which […]

Lutron Homeworks QS is a hardwired solution that integrates interior and exterior light control with automated window treatments. The system is also capable of talking to HVAC and audio systems, like Sonos.

Home, made easier: Residential gadgets and appliances are linking up like never before

If homes aren’t getting more high tech around Charlottesville, they’re at least getting more connected, according to Ben Feiner of local home integration specialist ProLink. Where at one time appliance and gadget manufacturers focused on making their own products more interactive, they’ve since focused on playing well with others. “Once the iPhones-slash-iPads came out, most […]

Give the heater a break—upgrade your insulation

Give the heater a break—upgrade your insulation

They say the human body loses most of its heat through the head. So when it’s cold out, you put a hat on. Before winter approaches (or even autumn!), invest in a hat for your house. According to Austin Craig, sales consultant for Davenport Insulation, attic insulation is critical to maintaining a constant temperature in […]

In an attempt to find C'ville's best taco, we put nine to the test. Photo: Tom McGovern

Dig in: Who’s got the best taco in town?

We can’t be the only ones who’ve noticed that Charlottesville’s cuisine scene is trending toward tacos. Even fine dining spot C&O offers a version on its late-night menu. But who would win in a blind battle? We put nine to the test, choosing only restaurants in the city and only those open for lunch, to […]

Photo: Tom McGovern

Reading the leaves: How Southern is sweet tea?

Like any good Southern recipe, the origins of sweet tea are about as clear as an oversteeped pitcher of Lipton. Southerners of all stripes clamor for their own little piece of the beverage’s lore. Central Virginia, it seems, doesn’t have much of a stake. Thomas Jefferson certainly loved his tea—his financial records show he purchased […]

Kyle Dunnigan’s comedy pedigree includes an Emmy-nominated song and a long list of zany stand-up characters. Photo: Publicity photo

Kyle Dunnigan brings cast of characters to the Southern

Craig Pullin, Deputy Trudy Wiegel’s bespectacled, slack-jawed boyfriend in the cult comedy “Reno 911!,” isn’t who fans thought he was. Pullin, played by comedian Kyle Dunnigan, is a serial-killing mastermind hiding behind a clueless veneer in both the Comedy Central half-hour sitcom and the feature film Reno 911!: Miami. But Dunnigan, who’ll perform at The […]

The Milk Carton Kids dazzle with tight harmonies and dueling acoustic guitars at the Jefferson on Tuesday. Photo: Publicity photo

The Milk Carton Kids play with traditional folk

The Milk Carton Kids’ Joey Ryan falls into a quirky pattern during taped interviews and between live songs. He becomes clueless, feigning ignorance about certain words and well-known musicians. He once claimed he’d never heard of Simon and Garfunkel. It’s a funny act—like one of the characters from Spinal Tap come to life. But it’s […]