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Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter Aoife O’Donovan has found success with Goat Rodeo Sessions, Crooked Still, Sometymes Why, and Alison Krauss. She makes her solo mark on Saturday at The Festy Experience.

The many sides of Aoife O’Donovan’s talent

Aoife O’Donovan (pronounced ee-fah) has girl-next-door good looks, which makes it all the more shocking when she breaks into the opening lines of “Too Repressed,” a song she wrote for her folk trio Sometymes Why. “I wanna fuck you/But I’m too repressed/ I wanna suck you/but I can’t take off my dress,” she breathes on […]

Lauren McRaven’s Downtown creperie will soon expand to a new food truck. Photo: Elli Williams

Holy crepe! The Flat still sets the street food standard

Crepes are dainty, right? They’re carefully plated with drizzles. They’re dusted with powdered sugar. They’re prized for being as thin as the chef can make them. They’re about as dangerous as Rachael Ray’s housecat. Right? Not Downtown at The Flat. These are street food crepes. These are flour-based vehicles for stuffing delicious ingredients in your […]

The hip-hop supergroup Deltron 3030 (with Del the Funky Homosapian center) hits the Jefferson on Friday. Image: Darren Samuelson

Fact-checking with Del the Funky Homosapian

Of all the music Del the Funky Homosapien has made since his first record dropped in 1991, he’s probably best known for a rap he wrote in less than an hour for the Gorillaz. The group never intended “Clint Eastwood,” a platinum track on their self-titled debut album, to include Del at all. Fortunately his […]

Stylish soul singer Mayer Hawthorne turns up the pop on his new album 
Where Does This Door Go?.

Mayer Hawthorne talks about reaching for the next level

Indie artist Mayer Hawthorne wants to go pop. For those who remember his first full-length record from five years ago, the change in direction is obvious, and Hawthorne’s publicist says as much. “He’s relaxed his DIY ethos of crafting every song from start to finish,” reads the multi-talented R&B musician’s bio. “Now, he’s motivated to […]

Fans are hoping for a surprise appearance by her legendary husband when Pegi Young &
The Survivors play three local shows this week. Image: Jay Blakesberg

Folk royalty: Pegi Young warms up for festival

If you were devastated by the news that Neil Young won’t be playing at the Lockn’ (nee Interlocken) music festival this weekend, here’s some good news. You’ll still see a member of the Young clan at the fest. Pegi Young, Neil’s wife of 35 years, launched her own solo singing career in 2007 and has […]

Photo: Courtesy Alberene Soapstone Co.

Turn to stone: The scoop on soapstone’s rising popularity

First it was granite. All granite, all the time—people had to have their granite. But as the kitchen/bath upgrade revolution has aged, other materials have gained a foothold. So it is with soapstone, now the third most popular natural stone countertop material behind granite and marble, according to the International Surface Fabricators Association. “At one […]

Vancouver band on the rise, Japandroids (David Prowse, Brian King) maximize the power of town and put name recognition first. Photo: Burdett/Shiek

Showtime, Charlottesville: Japandroids are in town

Let’s get this out of the way: The name Japandroids doesn’t mean anything. Both members of the Vancouver-based rock band happened to come up with two-word names before their first billed show. Neither of them liked the other’s suggestion, so they combined them. The result is a play on words that Brian King and David Prowse expected to change before […]