Shea Gibbs

Photo: Courtesy Alberene Soapstone Co.

Turn to stone: The scoop on soapstone’s rising popularity

First it was granite. All granite, all the time—people had to have their granite. But as the kitchen/bath upgrade revolution has aged, other materials have gained a foothold. So it is with soapstone, now the third most popular natural stone countertop material behind granite and marble, according to the International Surface Fabricators Association. “At one […]

Vancouver band on the rise, Japandroids (David Prowse, Brian King) maximize the power of town and put name recognition first. Photo: Burdett/Shiek

Showtime, Charlottesville: Japandroids are in town

Let’s get this out of the way: The name Japandroids doesn’t mean anything. Both members of the Vancouver-based rock band happened to come up with two-word names before their first billed show. Neither of them liked the other’s suggestion, so they combined them. The result is a play on words that Brian King and David Prowse expected to change before […]