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Wedding planner Marisa Vrooman says, more and more, couples are looking for a “residential feel” for their big day, like at this Blue Ridge Farm wedding. Photo: Sera Petras

Like a chandelier: Couples are turning to high-end lighting to enhance their special day

Of all the details that go into planning a wedding, local experts say one shines as the difference-maker between perfection and paltry—lighting. “Lighting touches everything,” says Jake Anderson, owner of Lighting Professors. “And we’re seeing increased awareness of recognizing how important lighting is as an enhancement. We’re one of the first vendors couples are booking […]

Crozet-based luthier Michael Dubova builds one-of-a-kind instruments, often from locally sourced wood. Image: Jack Looney

YOU Issue: Michael Dubova carves a niche as an instrument maker

Here’s what readers asked for: I think you should cover my husband, Michael Dubova. …He never builds two instruments alike (except one time when he built a pair of guitars for twins—one was a left-handed guitar and the other was a right-handed guitar).—Loretta Vitt Dubova Michael Dubova was alone in the California desert when he […]

George Clinton, who announced he will retire in 2019, makes one of his final concert appearances at Lockn’ Festival on Friday.
Publicity photo

The Doctor is out: George Clinton stops by on the road to retirement

George Clinton is back. George Clinton is leaving. In April, just three months after releasing “I’m Gon Make U Sick O’ Me,” a single from Medicaid Fraud Dogg, the first Parliament record in 38 years, Dr. Funkenstein announced he’ll retire from touring in spring 2019. It marks the final phase of a career spanning five […]

After time to reflect, Charlottesville’s Sons of Bill (Abe, Sam and James Wilson, above) gets focused on a highly personal new album, Oh God Ma’am, which will be released on June 29. Photo by Matthew Burke

Sons of Bill releases Oh God Ma’am in wake of setbacks

When Sons of Bill played the Jefferson Theater for Christmas 2017, it was one of only a few times in the last two years that the Americana gurus had held a public concert. But there they were in early April—James, Abe and Sam, the three Wilson brothers who make up the Sons of Bill core—setting […]

Jeff Bloem used 17 years of experience in supply chain analysis to research and form the Woolen Mills-based Murphy & Rude Malting Co. He now supplies local brewers with Virginia-sourced malts. Photo by Eze Amos

Local entrepreneur capitalizes on brewing’s ignored ingredient

Beer has been made with malt for hundreds —if not thousands—of years, but a Charlottesville entrepreneur only recently thought to exploit the steeped, germinated and dried grains to find a unique way into the craft beverage world. Jeff Bloem opened Murphy & Rude Malting Co. in Woolen Mills in February. He intended to focus on […]

Studio IX developer James Barton says Virginia is poised to become the next great tech hot spot, and he’s hoping his newest venture, Vault Virginia, will contribute to the local innovation landscape. Photo: John Robinson

Can growing numbers of local open work areas fuel tech innovation?

The technology community is notoriously secretive, but there’s one thing Charlottesville techies can’t hide: The local innovation infrastructure is growing at a rapid pace, with two new co-working spaces set to open on the Downtown Mall this year. Construction is expected to begin on the Charlottesville Technology Center, which will go on the former Main […]

Photo: Kwikset

Be key free: Linking up locks means flexibility and convenience

Home locking technology hadn’t changed much for more than a century—until a few years ago. The advent of the smart home gave folks the ability to take their front door security, and locks in general, out of the dark ages. Keyless entry houses are still buttoned up with the standard pin tumblers invented in the […]