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Photo: Stephen Barling

Spiritual aesthetic: Vitae breaks with tradition

Vitae Spirits is conscious of its distilling forebears. But owner Ian Glomski has always embraced modernity when it comes to his product and brand, and he hasn’t changed a bit in unveiling his new downtown spirits tasting room design. “We’re really trying to be forward-looking in general,” Glomski says. “We are not trying to emulate […]

Photo: Morgan Salyer

Catered to you: Tavola-to-go takes on a new format

Tavola continues to try to make limoncello out of its COVID limons; the Belmont Italian oasis’ latest venture is catering services large and small. “We’re trying to do a little bit of everything and put together decent weeks,” chef/owner Michael Keaveny says. “It’s been difficult, but between catering, neighborhood drop-offs, and curbside pickup, we’re doing […]

Jesse Smyth stands triumphantly at the terminus of the Appalachian Trail.

Passing through: Jesse Smyth’s Appalachian Trail tale

Millions of people hike a portion of the Appalachian Trail annually. Thousands take to the trail in Charlottesville’s own Blue Ridge backyard. But only a few hundred ambitious adventurers make the full 2,190-mile trek between Georgia and Maine. Last year, longtime Charlottesville resident Jesse Smyth completed the arduous journey. She shared her story with C-VILLE: […]

Damani Harrison on the set of the "One for George" video shoot. Image: Jason Lappa

Done talking: Damani Harrison drops ‘One for George,’ a three-part collaboration with local artists

Damani Harrison is done talking. The activist, musician, and all-around C’ville art community anchor recently orchestrated the release of an ambitious three-part creative project he calls “One for George,” and he wants the work—a hip-hop song, music video, and portrait series—to speak for itself. “Woke up this morning to a post / Another black soul […]

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Firm forecasts: Local business experts look forward to what’s coming in 2019

Could Charlottesville rectify its dearth of commercial and residential space in 2019? Put ’17’s political and social unrest behind us? Create more opportunities for minority-owned businesses? Charlottesville Office of Economic Development Director Chris Engel thinks prospects are promising. “I think 2018 was kind of a rebound year,” Engel says. “We are putting some time between […]

The 1940 Senior Packard limo from Albemarle Limousine is the only one of its type known to be on the road today. Photo: Rachel May Photography

Ridin’ out: Local car providers offer at least three ways to up your wedding-day getaway game

The getaway car is the last thing wedding guests see as the happy couple is whisked away into marital bliss. And there are several options to rev up that final impression—modern limos, slick sedans, and vintage classics. “It is a once-in-a-lifetime event, and a museum-quality vintage limousine helps create a magical and unforgettable experience,” says […]

Wedding planner Marisa Vrooman says, more and more, couples are looking for a “residential feel” for their big day, like at this Blue Ridge Farm wedding. Photo: Sera Petras

Like a chandelier: Couples are turning to high-end lighting to enhance their special day

Of all the details that go into planning a wedding, local experts say one shines as the difference-maker between perfection and paltry—lighting. “Lighting touches everything,” says Jake Anderson, owner of Lighting Professors. “And we’re seeing increased awareness of recognizing how important lighting is as an enhancement. We’re one of the first vendors couples are booking […]