Sarah Sargent


Essential to the soul

The Fralin’s ‘Madayin’ traces the routes of songlines

Pattern of success

Uzo Njoku returns to Grounds with visual flourish

Making a mark

Dathan Kane sees the nuance in black and white

Arts initiative

New Fralin director looks to ‘the future that we can build together’

‘Firsts’ and how they last

Charlottesville innovators united by the work of Frances Brand

Elements together

The bold grace of Susan McAlister’s ‘Canopy’

Coral grief

Kiara Pelissier’s ‘House on Fire’ brings scrutiny to an ecosystem in crisis

Surveying the lands

The Fralin examines Indigenous peoples’ territories through its own collection

Collision in gold

Michelle Gagliano and Beatrix Ost combine their artistry into single works

Pure wonder

Three artists engage the natural world at Second Street Gallery