Sarah Sargent


Reach for the sky

‘Skyscraper Gothic’ shows a new side of our country’s most ambitious buildings

Fresh eyes

The Bridge offers a new perspective on traditional Haitian art

Following curiosity

Kluge-Ruhe’s “Breathe with Me” offers a contemplative art walk

The deep end

Sharon Shapiro’s new show reflects America through a swimming pool

Seeing Charlottesville

Painter Edward Thomas captured local scenes in lively detail

Looking up

Laura Wooten’s ‘View from the Ridge’ offers 99 visions of hope

The resilience will not be tel

Chroma Projects Director Deborah McLeod has been keeping a unique holiday tradition for the past several years....

Kites bring attention to locally detained migrant...

In Latin America, kites are serious business, flown, depending on region, on Easter and the Day of the Dead. They’re...

Act locally

This spring, just as people were grappling with the new normal of living in a pandemic, George Floyd’s homicide threw...

Bright explorations

A Renaissance man as well as a Renaissance scholar, David Summers uses his vast knowledge to explore light physically...