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Ting employees have been installing lightning-fast internet service in Charlottesville since June 2015, but about half of the city is still awaiting service. File photo

Lightning fast: Ting’s grand plans to expand

Just five months after Ting launched its high-speed Internet network in Charlottesville, the company has given almost half the city access to the gigabit. Ting describes the gigabit as “lightning fast” (gigabit refers to a speed of one gigabit per second, and one gigabit equals 1,000 megabits), and its network requires not just stringing cables up […]

Prisoners at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women say they haven't been cared for appropriately. Photo courtesy of FCCW

Settlement nearly reached for Fluvanna prisoners

“It’s nasty—it had feces on the wall,” testified an inmate at the Fluvanna Correctional Center for Women during a November 9 settlement hearing. “It had blood,” she added, describing a trip to the prison infirmary. Cynthia Scott, 46, is one of five female prisoners who filed suit against the institution for insufficient medical care in […]

Sean Gobin stands atop Mount Katahdin in Maine with the Warrior Hike veterans who just completed their 2,185 mile, six month journey along the Appalachian Trail.
Courtesy of Sean Gobin

Local veteran competes for CNN Hero status

A local veteran has already been awarded $10,000 in a CNN Heroes competition, but as a finalist for Hero of the Year, he could win an extra $100,000. And he needs your vote. Sean Gobin, a former U.S. Marine Corps officer, was honorably discharged in March 2012 after serving 12 years. Feeling the wages of […]

A bridge similar to the one Diane Berlin proposes at Rolkin Road already exists on Emmet Street. The difference? Rolkin’s will be longer, with the potential to be cheaper, and will feature an elevator on one side and ramps on the other. Photo by Martyn Kyle

Up and over: Why some are begging for a bridge

Route 250, deemed a traffic nightmare by drivers of the 32,000 cars that travel it daily, virtually splits residential neighborhoods on one side and businesses on the other. Some think the next step for Albemarle should be building a walkway across the busy highway—because most pedestrians fear crossing the street on foot, but would prefer […]

Events to honor veterans

Events to honor veterans

A number of Veterans Day events are pouring into our inboxes. We’ll continue to compile a list of ways to honor those who have served in the military. November 10 UVA ROTC units will honor veterans, remember prisoners of war and those missing in action, with a candlelight vigil starting Tuesday at 3pm in the McIntire Ampitheater. […]

The prep work to hang the Blade at the Paramount is underway. Staff photo

Construction crews prepare for the Blade

Signs and sandwich boards on the historic Downtown Mall may soon be outshone by the reinstallation of a much anticipated, 33-foot sign at the Paramount Theater. As the theater celebrates its 10th anniversary of reopening, construction crews prepare to bring back the Blade—a $175,000 project to put the Paramount’s iconic blade sign back in its […]

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline could run through these Nelson County mountains. Photo: Jack Looney

FERC receives letter from 30 concerned organizatons

In a letter sent to the Federal Energy Regulatory Committee October 26, 30 organizations in Virginia and West Virginia called on FERC to do a single, comprehensive review of all four of the major natural gas pipeline projects currently proposed in the Blue Ridge and central Appalachian regions, rather than doing them separately. This review, […]

Tilahun Goshu, an Ethiopian ex-prisoner and refugee, built his dream home in Greene County, only to learn an open-air gun range is proposed right outside his backyard. The county's Board of Supervisors has denied the proposal. Photo by Ron Rammelkamp

Plan for gun range in Greene gets shot down

The Greene County Board of Supervisors denied on October 13 Big Iron Outdoors’ special use permit, which would have allowed owners of the gun shop to build a 20-lane open-air firing range right outside its headquarters. At the end of September, the Planning Commission recommended denial of the permit because of safety—about 160 homes are […]

Sean Singletary was arrested at the 1200 block of Harris Street around 4am March 1 for a DUI after performing field sobriety tests and was found not guilty June 23. He was convicted of refusing a breathalyzer or blood test that same day, and appealed.

Police video not available in Singletary trial

Former UVA basketball star Sean Singletary’s trial appealing his conviction for refusing to take a breathalyzer has once again been continued. At an October 15 hearing, defense attorney Scott Goodman said he would not be able to submit the 25-minute police dashboard video from Singletary’s March arrest to the judge. “I found out late last […]

Know your water: Recent rainstorm boosts levels

Know your water: Recent rainstorm boosts levels

As part of a national campaign called Imagine a Day Without Water, members from the Rivanna Water and Sewer Authority, Albemarle County Service Authority and City of Charlottesville set up booths last week on the Downtown Mall and asked passersby to describe the many ways they use water. Making tea, brushing teeth, filling water balloons […]

Tsaye Simpson's mugshot from his 2013 arrest for murder and his latest mugshot for assaulting an officer on October 8. Mugshots courtesy of the Charlottesville Police Department

Tsaye Simpson faces new charges

A man who was acquitted of a murder charge in May and was previously known for surviving a high-speed car chase on Rugby Road is now charged with assaulting a Charlottesville police officer. Tsaye Simpson’s latest encounter with law enforcement came October 8 at approximately 12:40am when an officer allegedly smelled marijuana coming from a […]

Water Street Extended is scheduled to open this fall. Photo by Skip Degan

Delayed extension: What’s up with Water Street?

Exactly one year ago, Water Street Extended was expected to open by the end of the year. Twelve months later, city officials are saying it could be accessible soon. “We’re hopeful that it will be open later in the autumn,” says Miriam Dickler, the city’s director of communications. The developer in charge of the extension […]

Tilahun Goshu, an Ethiopian ex-prisoner and refugee, built his dream home in Greene County, only to learn an open-air gun range is proposed right outside his backyard. The county's Board of Supervisors has denied the proposal. Photo by Ron Rammelkamp

Greene County firing range could be rejected

Those opposing the development of an outdoor open-air firing range near the Godalming neighborhood in Greene County may soon be able to celebrate. At the end of September, the Greene County Planning Commission recommended Big Iron Outdoors’ proposal be denied and cited the range’s proximity to the neighborhood as the main precaution. Godalming resident Carolyn […]

The Atlantic Coast Pipeline could run through these Nelson County mountains. Photo: Jack Looney

Judge sides with pipeline surveyors over landowners

Five Nelson County landowners filed a suit against Atlantic Coast Pipeline LLC to block members of the company from entering and surveying their properties without written permission. A federal judge dismissed the suit September 30. Together, landowners Peter and Karen Osborne, James and Joan Klemic and Charlotte Rea own almost 330 acres in Nelson County. […]

Gene Everett Washington. Photo: Charlottesville Police Department

Gene Washington appears for motions

The man charged with killing a special education teacher and her daughter appeared in Charlottesville’s Juvenile and Domestic Relations court for a motions hearing on October 5. Gene Washington’s attorney requested the authority to issue subpoenas for records without having to notify the prosecution, but Judge Rick Moore denied the request. Other motions were mostly […]

A photo of Hurricane Joaquin pulled from around 1pm on October 1. Photo courtesy of NASA

McAuliffe warns of worst case scenario

On September 30, well in advance of Hurricane Joaquin, Governor Terry McAuliffe declared Virginia in a state of emergency. In a teleconference October 1, McAuliffe and other Virginia safety officials said everyone in the commonwealth can expect between 4 and 10 inches of rainfall, whether or not Joaquin turns east and heads out into the ocean. […]

David Mitchell, WUVA’s new station manager, says country music is a popular radio format and should attract a large audience of both students and listeners. Photo by Ron Paris

Switching formats: WVAI picks up where WUVA left off

On September 18, WUVA listeners who tuned in to 92.7 FM, the only urban station in Charlottesville, were surprised by the country twang pouring out of their radios. “Obviously, the main reason is economic,” station manager David Mitchell says about WUVA’s sudden transition from one genre to another. Over the past few years, Mitchell says […]

Jesse Matthew was given three life sentences on October 2 for attempted capital murder, abduction with intent to defile and sexual penetration with an object of a Fairfax woman in 2006. Staff photo/mugshot Charlottesville Police

Motions in Jesse Matthew trial to be filed under seal

At a previous motions hearing, Judge Cheryl Higgins allowed police to unshackle Jesse Matthew’s belly chain, freeing his hands to only handcuff restraints. Nonetheless, in a September 30 hearing, Matthew appeared, once again, with handcuffs attached to his belly chain, making it difficult for him to raise his right hand when he waived his rights […]

The Board of Supervisors candidates held their own in a forum on the environment
organized by the Sierra Club. Photo by Ron Rammelkamp

Duking it out: BOS candidates talk environment

At a September 24 forum on environmental issues organized by the Sierra Club, the six Albemarle Board of Supervisors candidates weighed in on a few of the most notable issues in the county. Democrat Norman Dill, independent Lawrence Gaughan and Republican Richard Lloyd, who are running for the Rivanna seat, White Hall incumbent Supervisor Ann […]