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Landscape Design Adds Home Value

Landscape Design Adds Home Value

By Marilyn Pribus – It’s always important to plan for the future when landscaping your yard. You want it to be nice for you today and you also want to keep an eye on the resale potential because a well-landscaped yard adds to that all-important curb appeal. How Much Landscaping Should I Have? “It’s very much […]

Curb Appeal Sets Homes Apart

Curb Appeal Sets Homes Apart

By Marilyn Pribus –  You’ve probably heard the term “curb appeal” that often hovers over discussions of the marketability of a property, but just what is it? “Curb appeal is an individual preference,” declares REALTOR® David Sloan of Sloan Manis Real Estate in Charlottesville, “but I think of a home that is well-landscaped, with a […]

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Entrepreneurs Thrive in Charlottesville

By Marilyn Pribus “Charlottesville is a unique place,” declares Payam Pourtaheri, a co-founder of AgroSpheres, one of the many new businesses born right here where he says the entrepreneurial spirit is very strong. “There’s the feeling we’re all in this together. Everyone is supportive—you reach for help and it’s there. There are so many successful […]

Experts Predict Robust Commercial Market in 2017

Experts Predict Robust Commercial Market in 2017

Local agents look forward to an active commercial real estate market with robust activity continuing throughout 2017. Look for high occupancy rates in  the downtown market along with the growing popularity of adjacent areas as expanding businesses scramble to find space and still remain close-in. South of town, the recent opening of 5th Street Station […]

Home Inspections Are a Good Investment

Home Inspections Are a Good Investment

An important component of a home sale is an expert inspection of the property. In fact, most REALTORS ® strongly recommend that an offer to buy includes a home-inspection contingency. Generally the buyer pays for the inspection but this, like many things, is negotiable. A home inspector will examine a property, then detail findings and […]

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Second Wind: Why Seniors Love Central Virginia

“Growing old,” so the saying goes, “is not for wimps.” Every stage of life brings unique challenges, it’s true, but every stage offers unique opportunities as well. Central Virginia seniors know about the opportunities at their time of life—do they ever. Let’s note just a few of the things they have time to enjoy around […]

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Home Offices Are Popular

More and more, these days, people work from home, either full-time or part-time. As a home-based entrepreneur, however, you’ll soon find working with the computer in a corner of the kitchen, with the printer in the family room and your files atop the dryer in the laundry, is a recipe for inefficiency and frustration. It’s […]

Lightning Home Protection

Be Prepared!

All sorts of things can trigger power outages. Random broken lines are usually repaired quickly, but when a big storm hits, you might be without power for several days. It’s a good idea to make like a Scout and Be Prepared. Basic equipment • Have a good stash of batteries in the sizes you need […]

Nelson County: Country Cool

Nelson County: Country Cool

Between the James River to the southeast and the Blue Ridge Mountains to the north and west lies beautiful Nelson County. Do you love the great outdoors? Nelson’s Wintergreen Resort is a year-round sportsman’s paradise, with ski trails and snowboard parks, mountain bike and horseback trails, golf links and tennis courts. Nelson’s scenic length of […]

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Selling in 2017?

If you are thinking about putting your home on the market in 2017, it’s not too soon to start preparing. Since you are probably aiming to get the best possible price with the least possible time on the market, here’s a primer of what you absolutely must do and what you should do if at […]

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Antiquing is Great in Central Virginia

Television shows like PBS’s Antiques Roadshow and America’s Lost Treasures on the National Geographic Channel reflect an enduring interest in antiques and the lure of discovering something “big.” Why is antiquing such a perennial activity? “Antiques are the ultimate in recycling, reusing and repurposing,” declares Annette Couch-Jareb, manager of A&W Collectables, a 60-dealer antique cooperative […]

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Have a Jolly, Thrifty Christmas

If you haven’t quite finished shopping for this year’s holidays and have three truly tough names on your list that you absolutely have to get something for, you may also be thinking THERE’S GOT TO BE A BETTER WAY. We’ve rounded up some imaginative ideas for you and created a simple checklist for next year. […]