Natasha Kalergis

Members of Mount Zion First Baptist Church show up each week looking snazzy. Photo: Natasha Kalergis

Street Style: Sunday best

In addition to the worship, singing, and companionship, one of the most important rituals at Mount Zion First Baptist Church on Lankford Avenue is showing up in snappy attire. Showing up in Sunday’s best is an act of self-care that is an integral part in worship. At Mount Zion it is all about the colors, […]

Photo: Natasha Kalergis

Charlottesville street style: Topped off

Hats can say a lot. They can signify ceremony, religious affiliation, nationality, rank, or, in some cases, the simple understanding that a dash of debonair in your step is a necessity to everyday life. There are quite literally hundreds of kinds of hats as well as historical stories that go along with their beginnings, but […]

Photo: Natasha Kalergis

Charlottesville street style: Shape shifters

The heat has arrived and the legs are out, making it time to bring out one of my favorite warm weather staples: the shift dress. Popular since the 1960s, this comfortable dress traditionally hangs loose from the shoulders with very little or no definition in the waist, making it a hit for women of all different […]

Photo: Natasha Kalergis

Free to be: Charlottesville street style

The freedom one feels when he gets dressed in the morning translates into his life every day. The medium is the message, be it architecture, nail art, or graffiti. How free can you be? SEAN was studying at Mudhouse when I approached him to talk about what he was wearing. Born in North Korea and […]

Photo: Natasha Kalergis

Show me your boots: Charlottesville street style

What’s the big deal about boots? Answer: They are one of the most versatile accessories you can own. Rugged, equestrian, urban, conservative, or sometimes totally coquettish, boots dress up our jeans and give a down-to-earth feel to more delicate pieces like silk or lace. On the colder days (which, hopefully, there won’t be too many […]

Photo: Natasha Kalergis

Animal magnetism: Charlottesville street style

Leather and fur—faux or real—can be as diverse in personality as the people who wear them. Who do you want to be today? I stopped VCU student SAMANTHA to get a look at her leather as she was walking on the Downtown Mall with a friend. She pulled off this outfit with a bravado that […]