Natalie Jacobsen

Jason Kesser, organizer of the Unite the Right rallies in Charlottesville in 2017 and Washington in 2018, carries a U.S. flag during the protest.  Roughly two dozen alt-right protesters were far overshadowed by several thousand antifascist and anti-white supremacy counter protesters, including  antifa and anarchist groups. 
Photo Jay Mallin via ZUMA Wire

Kessler’s flop: D.C. shows up to show white supremacy out

An estimated 15,000 protesters. Thousands of signs and flags. Hundreds of cops. All of which made their presence known from Freedom Plaza to Lafayette Square in Washington, D.C., all day long on Sunday, August 12—to face down barely more than two dozen white nationalists. Just before noon, leaders of nearly 40 anti-racist groups set their […]