Nathan Alderman

Dogs are allowed on some Outdoorsy adventures but may require an additional fee. Check before you go. Photo: Lynne Brubaker

Rent a road trip: Outdoorsy is Airbnb for RVs

If the open road is calling you—or if you’d like to spend a few nights communing with nature without, you know, getting eaten by any part of it—Outdoorsy’s here to help. The online service matches owners willing to rent out their pop-ups, Casitas, trailers, and RVs with road-warrior vacationers. Launched in 2015, the company has […]

Furniture designer and fabricator Tate Pray in his studio off Harris Street. Photo: Amy Jackson Smith

Crafting a style all his own: Piece by piece, local artist Tate Pray builds furniture and a brand

The fundamental nature of art,” says Tate Pray, “is that it has no use.” But the Charlottesville-based designer seems bent on proving that maxim wrong, crafting wooden furniture that’s both functional and reflective of his playful sense of humor. Pray seems to thrive on contradictions. He uses traditional woodworking techniques to give his stylish Modernist […]