Mary Rekosh

A kids "travel potty" is one of many, um, interesting parenting products available today. Photo: My Pee Pee Bottle

Shopping spree: What bizarre kids’ products are you missing out on?

If your baby has an iPotty (training potty with iPad attached, obviously), your toddler boys have portable urinals, and you and your daughter are currently wearing matching breastmilk-pendant necklaces, congratulations! You’re taking advantage of some of the completely absurd new and innovative parenting products available today. If you’re a slacker dark-ages parent like me, you […]

C-VILLE Kids: Between us moms

C-VILLE Kids: Between us moms

(File photo) We mamas are awfully hard on ourselves. But guess what? Most of us are doing O.K. (Well, you might be one of those monsters who feeds her preschooler uncut grapes, but the rest of us are doing O.K.) I usually offer mom-to-mom advice over mid-playdate cocktails (don’t judge), so consider this the print […]