Mary Jane Gore

Albemarle police are ready to stake out porch pirate Grinches.

Suspicious minds: Gift larceny low, but other thefts are afoot

As if we didn’t have actual problems to worry about, national news has been filled with stories of porch pirates stealing gift-laden packages. But for those worried that their Amazon deliveries will be snatched by the end of the work day, rest assured: So far this holiday season in Albemarle County, only two missing packages […]

Attorney Deborah Wyatt decided to buy her new Audi in Richmond rather than sign an arbitration agreement in Charlottesville.

eze amos

Arbitrate this: Clause for concern kills car sale

Devoted Audi owner Deborah Wyatt was set to buy her third car from Flow Automotive in Charlottesville in August—until she was presented with a separate arbitration agreement after signing the sales contract. Arbitration agreements, which are more often part of banking or credit card terms, are usually designed to block your ability to sue in […]