Lynn Jameson

Ragged Mountain’s current prohibition against pets is pretty widely ignored, and some owners see the natural area as a place to leave their dogs’ feces.

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Running at Ragged? Public weighs in during third meeting

On a pleasantly wet Wednesday evening in late April, 60-odd people congregated at Trinity Presbyterian Church for the third public meeting about the Ragged Mountain Natural Area and its future. One of the many issues to be decided is who gets to use the park, now restricted to hikers and fishermen. Will mountain bikers, runners, […]

Piedmont Housing Alliance CEO Frank Grosch is leading the redevelopment of Friendship Court and says its current level of maintenance service is “not okay.”
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Resident omission: Will Friendship Court be unfriended?

The public announcement September 21 that Piedmont Housing Alliance would option its right of first refusal to purchase the land and housing complex of Friendship Court has the potential to forever change the landscape and fabric of downtown Charlottesville. The fully occupied 150-unit complex, designated as lower-income housing, sits sandwiched between the increasingly popular Ix […]