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Susan Bro hugs Courtney Commander, who was with her friend Heather Heyer when she was killed on Fourth Street August 12, 2017.
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Anniversary weekend ends peacefully, with sad remembrances

A year after white supremacists and neo-Nazis marched with torches through UVA and violent clashes in the streets left one woman dead and dozens injured, it was with some trepidation that locals commemorated August 11 and 12. The weekend ended without serious injury and with a handful of arrests on misdemeanor charges. By late Sunday […]

John Miska was arrested for possessing the razor blades he'd just purchased at CVS.
Photo Janis Jaquith

Gun-carrying vet arrested for scraper blades

John Miska frequently shops on the Downtown Mall, especially when CVS has two-for-one sales on cases of Arizona iced tea. Today, he ran afoul of the city’s list of prohibited items after he made his purchases, and was arrested for possessing the single edge blades he bought for his ice scraper. Miska, 64, says he […]

Attorney Jeff Fogel. Photo by Eze Amos

Attorneys slam downtown mall pedestrian restrictions

At the August 6 City Council meeting, public safety officials outlined precautions for the upcoming August 12 anniversary, including street closures and the shutdown of public pools. It wasn’t until two days later that the city announced pedestrian access to the eight-block or so Downtown Mall would be limited to two entry points. Civil rights […]

New UVA President Jim Ryan fields questions from the press on his first day on the job.
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No. 9: New UVA president ready to question and listen

  Jim Ryan, the University of Virginia’s ninth president, took office August 1 and immediately began to re-introduce himself to the university where he was both a graduate of the School of Law and served on the law school’s faculty. Ryan, 51, became a YouTube sensation when a commencement speech he gave at Harvard School […]

A man died during the construction of a C&O Row house, falling down an unsecured elevator shaft.
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Builder fined in elevator shaft fatality

Early July 25, Albemarle police responded to an industrial accident at Yancey Lumber in Crozet, where employee Floriberta Macedo-Diaz, 46, of Waynesboro, died of her injuries. Macedo-Diaz isn’t the only workplace fatality in the region. In June, the Virginia Department of Labor and Industry finished its investigation into a job-related death last fall, and fined […]

City Council chose Assistant City Manager Mike Murphy to sit in the interim manager hot seat by a 3-0 vote. 
photo eze amos

Mike Murphy named interim city manager

After more than a week of heated exchanges between city councilors and Mayor Nikuyah Walker over the hiring of an interim city manager,  there was 10 minutes of public notice before a 3-0 vote in closed session at 1:15pm resulted in Assistant City Manager Mike Murphy taking the job effective 5pm today, just hours before […]

The city will be in charge of the Water Street Parking Garage starting August 1, and Mark Brown will collect rent. Staff photo

Truce: City and Mark Brown settle parking garage dispute

Two years ago, before Nazis came to Charlottesville in 2017, the big story was the contretemps between Mark Brown, co-owner of the Water Street Parking Garage, and then-mayor Mike Signer and the city. The escalating parking wars led to suits and countersuits, panicked meetings of downtown business owners, threats of closing the garage and of […]

You could catch more than the CAT when you ride city buses. File photo

Bugs on the bus go ’round and ’round

Former Albemarle School Board member Gary Grant had an appointment at UVA WorkMed Clinic last month and he struck up a conversation with a Charlottesville Area Transit bus driver. As a former school bus driver himself, Grant asked the driver if he was in for a random drug test. It was even worse. The driver […]

Jason Kessler was late for an important date in court July 24—and then he withdrew his motion to have a judge order a Unite the Right2 permit.
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Permit-less: Kessler withdraws motion for August 11-12 rallies

After plaintiff Jason Kessler showed up 45 minutes late to federal court for his own motion to order Charlottesville to grant him a permit to hold an event the weekend of August 12, it took the judge about two seconds to grant Kessler’s attorney’s request to withdraw the motion. “He’s not going to hold a […]

The simplicity of the 800 blocks representing the counties where people were lynched makes the Equal Justice Initiative's National Memorial for Peace and Justice all the more profound.
Photo Eze Amos

Etched in memory: Pilgrimage to Montgomery honors local lynching victim

A pilgrimage is a spiritual journey that, with its elements of symbolism, ritual and enlightenment, seems almost medieval in the 21st century. The symbolic reason approximately 100 Charlottesvillians boarded buses July 8 for a six-day civil rights pilgrimage was to commemorate the 1898 lynching of John Henry James, which was virtually unknown until about two years […]

City Manager Maurice Jones has a new job in Chapel Hill.
Photo by Eze Amos

Maurice Jones takes job as Chapel Hill town manager

City Council announced today that City Manager Maurice Jones has taken a job as town manager for Chapel Hill, North Carolina, ahead of that city making the announcement. Jones will end his tenure here July 31, before his December 7 contract expires. Council decided not to renew Jones’ contract May 25, and wished him well […]

While objecting to the density of the 140,000- square-foot building, Kate Bennis says affordable housing is “something this neighborhood wanted more of,” adding that Jefferson Place’s four
proposed units is a “minuscule amount.” Staff photo

‘Clear violation:’ Little High residents sue City Council

Seventeen residents of the Little High Street neighborhood filed a suit against City Council July 5, and one of the plaintiffs includes former city councilor Bob Fenwick. The residents object to how City Council approved a special use permit for Jefferson Place apartments at 1011 E. Jefferson St., and call it a “clear violation” of […]

Soil from the lynching site of John Henry James joins hundreds of others such testaments to hate at the Equal Justice Initiative's Legacy Museum in Montgomery.
Photo Eze Amos

Day 5 #CvillePilgrimage: Say his name

Next to nothing is known about John Henry James—not his age, his family nor his occupation. All that is certain is that he died on July 12, 1898, at the hands of a Charlottesville lynch mob. And that murder is what led to around 100 people from Charlottesville to travel four days to Montgomery, Alabama, […]

Pat Napoleon already thought Councilor Wes Bellamy was disrespectful to those with whom he disagreed before she had her own exchange with him June 18.

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Napoleon v. Bellamy at City Council

Kerfuffles certainly aren’t new at City Council meetings anymore, but the one June 18 between Pat Napoleon and Wes Bellamy jolted awake anyone who may have been dozing during public comments. Napoleon is the founder of Rise Charlottesville, and has been collecting signatures to remove those on council last year who voted to remove Confederate […]

Robert Davis finally will receive compensation for the nearly 13 years he spent in prison.

Ryan Jones

State budget benefits Robert Davis

The General Assembly’s passage May 30 of a budget that expands Medicaid makes nearly 400,000 Virginians now eligible for health insurance. The previously stalled budget also helps a local man who spent almost 13 years in prison. Robert Davis turned 34 years old May 22, and one thing he didn’t get for his birthday was […]

This is the fifth year Charlottesville native Darnell Lamont Walker has raised money for pool scholarships.

Ron Paris

Free swim—pool scholarships get kids in water 

Darnell Lamont Walker was surprised when he went to Washington Park Pool in 2013 and it cost $6 to get in. “I remember when it was 50 cents,” he says. Since then, Walker, who now lives in New York and is a writer for “Sesame Street,” has been raising money to send kids to Charlottesville’s […]

Catherine Keener plays Susette Kelo in Little Pink House, which depicts a real-life eminent domain case and has a screening June 28 in Charlottesville. Tickets are on sale at Brightlight Pictures

Pipeline parallels? Eminent domain: the movie

One of the least popular Supreme Court decisions this century would have to be Kelo v. New London, a case that resulted in 45 states, including Virginia, passing laws or, in the Old Dominion’s case, constitutional amendments to prevent the seizing of private property to benefit other private owners under the guise of economic development. […]

Todd Divers’ job is to find taxable property for the city. File photo

The taxman cometh—and wants list of stored vehicles

Personal property taxes are due June 5, and the city has stepped up its efforts to locate vehicles that reside in Charlottesville, even if their owners don’t. Woolen Mills Storage received a request from Commissioner of the Revenue Todd Divers to provide a list of vehicles stored there. “If a vehicle is parked here on […]