Lisa Provence

Construction at Congregation Beth Israel will beautify its space—and improve security. EZE AMOS

Nothing sacred: Houses of worship beef up security

Pittsburgh. Christchurch. Charleston. The list of communities devastated by mass murderers continues to grow, as the past weekend attests. And houses of worship have found that nothing is sacred to those determined to target people of certain religions or races. Congregation Beth Israel realized that the weekend of August 12, 2017, when neo-Nazis marched through […]

The July 1 increase in the meals tax caused some miscalculations in diners' tabs.
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Overtaxed: Numbers don’t add up for diners

Charlottesville raised its meals tax to 6 percent July 1, which, on top of the 5.3 percent state sales tax, adds more than 11 percent to your dinner tab. But a computer glitch at one local restaurant meant some customers were paying more than 16 percent. Lorena Perez, a designer at C-VILLE Weekly, had lunch […]

The four-way stop was a flop at Rugby Avenue and Rose Hill Drive, and the traffic signals have been unbagged.
 Photo by Skyclad Aerial

Rugby Avenue gets the green light

A test to make the intersection of Rugby Avenue and Rose Hill Drive safer by installing four-way stop signs concluded this week with plastic bags coming off the old stoplights and the removal of the stop signs. When the signs went up at the end of March, neighborhood website Nextdoor was abuzz with reports of […]

The Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression owns the Free Speech Wall on the Downtown Mall. Discussions with the city are going on to determine the wall’s fate.
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Muzzled: Free speech wall creator shuts down

During its heyday, the Thomas Jefferson Center for the Protection of Free Expression was known for calling out censorship with its Muzzle awards and for launching the Downtown Mall’s Free Speech Wall in 2006, where luminaries like John Grisham and Dahlia Lithwick turned out to chalk the first messages on the monument. Over the past […]

New signage sprang up in two private Belmont lots directing parkers to pay using a mobile app or risk getting towed. Staff photo

No free lunch: Paid parking comes to Belmont

When the ParkMobile signs went up June 15, the paid parking designation caught Belmonters by surprise. Parking can be a challenge in the neighborhood, and customers at two new restaurants, Belle Coffee & Wine and No Limits Smokehouse, had been using the adjacent lots for free. Now, they’ll have to pay. Belle Coffee & Wine […]

Albemarle County affirmed that Carter Hilliard’s company in rural Free Union is an agricultural services business.
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Free Union fray: Appeals board upholds rural business

Close to 100 of the landed gentry filled Lane Auditorium for an Albemarle Board of Zoning Appeals hearing, a crowd size rarely seen during the usual Board of Supervisors meetings there. Well-heeled rural residents lined up for and against a Free Union Road business, lobbing accusations of “Californian,” “cronyism,” and “sleight of hand” in a […]

Local races: Your primary guide

Local races: Your primary guide

Primary day is June 11, and there’s more on the ballot than the 57th District race between Kathy Galvin and Sally Hudson.  If you live in the city, the three people who win the Democratic nomination will likely be the ones to fill the three empty seats on City Council in November because of the […]

Reporter Natalie Jacobsen sued Virginia State Police about August 12, 2017, public safety plans, and a judge ruled police must release them within 30 days.
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A12 plan: Judge rules state police must release it

More than a year and a half after a freelance reporter requested the Virginia State Police and the Office of Public Safety turn over its Unite the Right public safety plans, a judge ruled today that it’s time for the state to cough them up—although with some confusion about redaction and release. Natalie Jacobsen worked […]

Belmont resident Rick Barnett says glaring lights are degrading residents’ quality of life, and he calls the new ones at Tubby’s “obscene.” Photo by Martyn Kyle

Bad lights: Glaring illumination mars night sky

On a night with a full moon, Rick Barnett can see pretty clearly outside his Belmont house. The problem is, he can also see clearly on moonless nights—thanks to an array of lighting, mostly commercial, blazing up into the sky behind his house. On a recent drive around the neighborhood, he points out a shielded […]