Lisa Martin

Photo Credit: John Robinson

Rock the house: Albemarle Countertop owner stays grounded

An entrepreneur with deep roots in the local community, Albemarle Countertop Company’s founder and owner Wes Carter has set his business apart by forging connections and honing his craft. After working for (and eventually running) his mother’s bathtub repair company at an early age, Carter became fascinated with stone and trained himself to become “a […]

Photo: Heather Dodge Photography

Social experiment: TheSheLab cultivates connection

Valeria McFarren and Lily West met five years ago when both moved to Charlottesville, bonding as they learned their way around town and raised young children as professional women with busy husbands. Even as they prospered, McFarren, founder and principal of communications firm Chaski Global, and West, chief operating officer of the UVA Alumni Association, […]

Lime and Bird dockless electric scooters are now available 
in the city, and are designed to be eco-friendly, easy-to-use, and get you where you are going faster than by foot or by car in high traffic. Photo: Eze Amos

Scoot Over: New mobility hits the road

Smart-tech companies Lime and Bird introduced dockless electric scooters to Charlottesville late last year, as new “micromobility” options have swept in to urban areas nationwide. Forty-six percent of vehicle trips in the U.S. are under three miles, and scooters are fast, green alternatives to climbing into the car. Smaller cities with university populations like Charlottesville […]

There’s something extremely clever about creating a space with dual functionality: a place to entertain and park a car. Photo: Kip Dawkins

Grand garage: A grungy space gets a lush upgrade

A garage is often a dank, dusty place, cluttered and cobwebby, smelling of gasoline and grass clippings. It’s the last place most homeowners would choose to create a bright, inviting space that could host, say, a wedding party—but a Farmington couple did that and more, with a contemporary renovation of their three-car garage, an addition […]

Crissanne and Elizabeth Raymond started selling NoBull Burgers at Charlottesville's City Market, but now the company's reach expands as far west as Colorado, with California in the owners' sights. Photo: Martyn Kyle

A noble calling: Veggie burgers that taste good

Crissanne Raymond developed an original veggie burger recipe more than 30 years ago in her hometown of St. Thomas in the Virgin Islands. Riffing off of her mother’s lentil soup recipe, she built a burger from a lentil and barley base, flavored it with roasted vegetables and tamari, and used it to feed her growing […]

Doing away with the sleepy bed and breakfast feel, The Clifton’s new design appeals to a more urban crowd, with richer tones and soft textures on rugs, drapery and upholstery. Photo: Read McKendree

Inn and out: The Clifton plays it cool

When Charles D’Angelo, managing director of D.C.-based Westmount Capital Group, first saw the Clifton Inn and its surrounding countryside, his initial thought was, “Wow.” “It’s a stunning property, from the 19-acre lake and Blue Ridge mountain views to the infinity pool with the canopy of trees overhead,” says D’Angelo. As a business enterprise, however, the […]

Photo: Morgan Salyer

Cheat sheet: Stretching the cake budget

Though never featured in formal wedding photos and usually tucked behind closed doors during the reception, the humble sheet cake has long played an important role in wedding planning, and for good reason. Sometimes referred to as a “kitchen cake,” a sheet cake can be prepared alongside the main, multi-tiered wedding cake, called the “cutting […]

Photo: Marlene Condon

Walk on the wild side: In the weeds with Marlene Condon

Agarden’s appearance depends on its purpose, says Marlene Condon, and sometimes messier is better. “Aesthetics for me are secondary,” she says. “The most important thing is the quality of the habitat for wildlife.” Condon is a Virginia-based nature writer and photographer who has penned columns for the Daily Progress and Crozet Gazette, written for C-VILLE […]

"Lady Marmalade (Patti LaBelle)": Mixed-media collage by artist Judy McLeod

Southern showstoppers: In praise of the magnolia

“The pleasantest smell in the world,” wrote natural historian Robert Beverly of the Sweetbay magnolia in 1705, and its large, creamy white flowers are just as striking. Associated with nobility and perseverance, the more than 200 species of magnolia vie with dogwood, crepe myrtle, azaleas and camellias for the American South’s favorite plant. Thomas Jefferson […]