Julia Stumbaugh

Josie Mallory plays midfield for Monticello High School’s field hockey team, and last year was named to the first team Jefferson District and first team All-Conference 28/29. Photo by Eze Amos

High school athletes share how they stay at the top of their games

High school student-athletes aren’t just working to be the best at their sports; they’re also juggling classes and college applications at the same time. That takes dedication, talent and lucky pre-game meals. We talked with some of the Charlottesville area’s best and brightest student-athletes to get a glimpse of how they do it all. Josie […]

Rebecca White, UVA’s director of transportation, still lists a chance meeting of UVA baseball pitcher Nathan Kirby as one of her top moments. Photo by Natalie Jacobsen.

UVA sports’ biggest fan has you beat

When riding a UVA bus, you tend to see quite a few student-athletes. One day, while on a bus heading toward the John Paul Jones Arena, UVA Director of Transportation Rebecca White turned around and asked the two men sitting behind her, “Are you guys athletes?” They said yes, so she asked what sport they […]

Since releasing The Rapids EP in March, Adar frontwoman Adar Seligman-McComas has been on a trajectory that includes a headline gig at the Southern on Saturday. Publicity photo

Adar stands in solidarity while gaining traction

There was an apple going bad on Adar Seligman-McComas’ desk. But it had been a week of writer’s block and listlessness, and she wasn’t hungry right then. She’d eat it later, she told herself. Over the course of the month, she watched that unwanted apple slowly rot. Then one morning, Seligman-McComas woke up gripped with […]

“You know your show’s good when people are out there moving,” says Disco Risqué lead singer and trumpet player Ryan Calonder. “They don’t need to be looking at the stage.” The band promises a high-energy show on Saturday at the Southern. Photo by Amy Jackson

Disco Risqué can’t fake the funk or the punk

Charlie Murchie wrote his first punk song when he was 12 years old. It went something like this: “Satan in my lunchbox drinkin’ all my juice / It’s no coincidence that my mom packed my 666 sandwiches.” If that sounds familiar, it’s because “Satan in My Lunchbox” is now a crowd favorite in the repertoire […]