Jonathan Kiefer

The animated nautical journey Finding Nemo 3D finds new dimension in a return to the big screen. (Disney)

Film review: Finding Nemo 3D

The 3D re-release of Pixar’s 2003 undersea saga may or may not be a bid from director Andrew Stanton to make back some of the cash his John Carter lost at the box office. Or it may just be de rigueur for controlling partner and distributor Disney to slap a 3D stamp on its most […]

Shia LaBeouf stars in the moonshine gangster drama Lawless, set in Virginia's Franklin County.

Film review: Lawless

With more precision and presence of mind, Lawless might have pitched itself as an origin story of the whole gangster-movie genre. But like the transparent moonshine its backwoods brooders guzzle down in just such a way as to remind us it’s fake, the movie itself seems conspicuously diluted, more water than fire. Sourced from Matt […]

Film review: Celeste and Jesse Forever

Film review: Celeste and Jesse Forever

When you’re young and in love, “forever” is a word you dare to carve in tree trunks or wedding cakes. Getting older, if you’re not careful, that same word could mean a purgatory of codependence. Such is the wry wisdom of Celeste and Jesse Forever, a romantic comedy whose main characters spend the duration figuring […]

Jeremy Renner furthers the thematic cat-and-mouse plot line in The Bourne Legacy.

Film review: The Bourne Legacy

The best way to enjoy The Bourne Legacy is by not having seen the other three Bourne films. (Oops.) That way, those trilogy tidbits which play out again here, as a sort of instigating background action, won’t seem redundant but instead like alluring ads for the better and more adroitly managed movies that still await […]

Zach Galifianakis and Will Ferrell play fast and loose with the political system in The Campaign.

Film review: The Campaign

The agenda of director Jay Roach’s new movie is obviously not to mine the finer nuances of American electoral procedures. This might come as a shock or a relief, depending on whether you go into The Campaign remembering Roach as the politically-minded maker of HBO’s Recount and Game Change or you only know him from […]

Colin Farrell fills Arnie’s shoes in the remake of the sci-fi sub-classic Total Recall. (Columbia Pictures)

Film review: Total Recall

And so another Philip K. Dick story gets another shot at being another movie. Funny how hard it is not to go in feeling protective and skeptical, as if Paul Verhoeven’s admittedly singular Schwarzenegger staple from 1990 were some kind of inviolable masterpiece. This version, from director Len Wiseman and a complex web of writers, […]

Quvenzhané Wallis stars as Hushpuppy in the survival fantasy Beasts of the Southern Wild. (Twentieth Century Fox)

Film review: Beasts of the Southern Wild

The feature debut from writer-director Benh Zeitlin, working with playwright Lucy Alibar and a New Orleans collective, rides in on a murky flood of festival hype. And what caused that anyway? The inevitable Sundance-stamped confluence of poverty porn and indie quaintness? Wow, already this is sounding cynical, but Beasts of the Southern Wild has a […]

To Rome With Love at Vinegar Hill Theatre

To Rome With Love at Vinegar Hill Theatre

The eternal city hosts an aspiring cast that includes Alessandro Tiberi, Roberto Della Casa, and Penélope Cruz in Woody Allen’s To Rome With Love. (Sony Pictures Classics) For some of us, Woody Allen could film the phone book and we’d find pleasure in it: How nice all those listings might look in his signature white-on-black […]

Dark Shadows; PG-13, 113 minutes; Carmike Cinema 6

Dark Shadows; PG-13, 113 minutes; Carmike Cinema 6

Johnny Depp stars in Tim Burton’s over-the-top adaptation of the ’60s supernatural soap opera, “Dark Shadows.” (Photo by Warner Brothers) Even in our dimmest memories of the original “Dark Shadows” TV show, the reluctant vampire Barnabas Collins stands out. He wasn’t a major player at first, but he had a way of chomping at the […]